Garden Spades Sneeboer Dandelion Spade

  • 4 June 2021 4:56 pm


Most gardeners are passionate about their lawns, and thats why Sneeboer have designed and developed with their legendary skill and experience the Dandelion Spade. Theres no disguising the fact that a beautifully maintained green sward adds so much to the garden vista but unfortunately, it only takes a few misplaced dandelions (and other weeds) to spoil this view; however, their roots will be quivering at the thought of the 20cm deep scooped blade of this ash handled weeder! With a t handle measuring 70cm in length, and a footrest on the right of the blade, you can say goodbye to crawling round the lawn on your knees too, as the spade measures a comfortable 1m overall.

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