Frosts Garden Centres

  • 4 June 2021 4:52 pm


For over half a century the Frost family has been a significant force in the business community in the Milton Keynes area. In fact the name of Frost has become synonymous with quality and style in gardening.

The business started just after the Second World War when Harvey Frost started a wholesale nursery on the present site in Woburn Sands. The nursery employed few staff and concentrated on tomatoes and chrysanthemums. Post-war Britain made little commitment to horticulture, but the family business grew and began to expand. In 1962 Harvey Frost, with his sons, Brian and Adrian opened Frosts at Woburn Sands. The concept of a ‘garden center’ had originated in the United States and Frosts at Woburn Sands very quickly became established as one of the premier centres in the UK.

At the same time, Adrian Frost started to develop the landscape side of the business. Once again the family’s dedication to high standards proved successful and soon the Landscape Construction Company gained a fine reputation in a highly competitive field. The Landscape Construction Company has been separated into five divisions – Interior Landscaping, Commercial Landscaping, Garden Design & Construction, Estate and Grounds Maintenance and Tree Surgery.

Frosts at Willington was opened in 1972 by Richard and Candida Godber in partnership with Adrian and Brian Frost. However, the Godber family has owned the site since the late 1890’s and before becoming a garden centre it operated as a successful wholesale nursery. Frosts at Willington has always made a significant contribution to the local community. Dedicated to all-round excellence the garden centre continues to expand and develop.

Frosts at Millets Farm was opened in 1986 under a leasehold agreement between the owners of the site Messrs. John L Carter & Partners and the Directors of Frosts. In addition to the garden centre there is a large Farm Shop, P-Y-O, Craft Shop and two restaurants on the site. Situated on the edge of the Cotswold’s, Frosts at Millets Farm attracts visitors from a wide catchment area. The garden centre itself has benefited from considerable investment over the last few years with the objective of extending and expanding the retail areas.

Frosts at Brampton is the latest addition to the Group and was acquired in September 2001. Located on the fringes of Huntingdon, it is within easy reach of the rapidly expanding areas of Cambridge and Peterborough. Since the acquisition of the garden centre investment has been geared towards providing a memorable shopping experience for all customers and a wider choice of plants and products. The focal point of this investment has been the development of a well-designed, spacious, modern restaurant.

Frosts at Woburn Sands
Newport Road
Woburn Sands
Milton Keynes
MK17 8UE
Tel: 01908 583511

Frosts at Willington
Sandy Road
MK44 3QP
Tel: 01234 838777

Frosts at Brampton
Buckden Road
PE28 4NF
Tel: 01480 453048

Frosts at Millets Farm
Kingston Road
OX13 5HB
Tel: 01865 391923


Newport Road Woburn Sands Milton Keynes,MK178UE