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  • 4 June 2021 4:43 pm
  • Oxfordshire, England


Duncan Heather & Associates

Landscape & Garden Design
duncan heather & associates
are a team of award winning English landscape & garden designers, with offices in London and Oxford serving clients at home and abroad.

Garden design experts Duncan Heather & Emily Black together, have over 30 years experience and believe that:

  • Good garden design should reflect the clients personality and taste.

  • Good garden design should be both a financial and aesthetic investment.

  • Good garden design should combine client, house and garden
    as one.

The Design Process
When first contacted, we will visit the site to familiarise ourselves with its conditions and discuss your requirements. From this initial consultancy we will prepare cost estimates for design work, which will be sent to you for approval. There is a fee for this initial visit, which will be offset against further design work should you proceed.

Upon instruction, a site survey will be carried out which will either be commissioned locally or carried out by our office. When completed, a sketch plan is prepared which acts as a discussion document, based on our conversations from the initial meeting. These can be further analysed and altered where necessary and once approved, working drawings, specifications, and tender documentation will be prepared for the contractor.

We manage the building of the garden by first preparing tender documentation and then inviting contractors to quote. We work closely with carefully selected firms whose workmanship and professionalism are well proven. We oversee the project acting as liaison between client and contractor and approve payment to the contractor and sign off of the work at its conclusion. Planting plans are produced for the entire garden, or specific areas, showing the species of plants recommended and their positioning and spacing.

Planting your garden
We supply plants of the highest quality and at competitive prices from carefully selected nurseries. Once the garden is built, we deliver the plants and lay them out according to the planting plan ready for the contractor to plant.

Duncan Heather set up the practice in 1987 and has quickly established himself as one of Europe’s foremost landscape designers, to-date having won five gold, one silver & one bronze medal and three innovation awards for design work.

Emily Black BA Hons studied Visual art and History at Lancaster University before starting a very successful career in theatre design. She made the move into landscape design in the late 90’s and now runs the London office.

They are based in Oxfordshire and London respectively and both travel extensively, undertaking a wide range of projects both at home and aboard from tiny courtyards to large country estates. Duncan is the director of the Oxford College of Garden Design which runs a Post Graduate Program from Oxford Brookes University and is a Full Member of the Society of Garden Designers as well as the US based:- Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Client Profile & Fees:
Many clients bring us on board at the same time as commissioning an architect, either on new build or when extending an existing property. Others have recently moved house and wish to maximise the use of their outside space.

We work in much the same way as a building architect. Our fee scale is based on a percentage of the contract costs and range from 5-22% depending on the size of the project. When considering how much to spend, clients should treat the garden as a financial investment and budget for between 4-10% of the property value as a realistic investment figure.

duncan heather & associates

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Freephone: 0800-458-2990
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