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Natural Swimming Pools Design & Build Experts
Whether you are looking for a new natural swimming pool build, an outdoor pool or garden pond conversion, or you have a derelict pool to renovate, we have the “Rolls Royce” of filter systems to meet your requirements for chlorine free swimming be it in a swimming pool (no plant interaction) or a natural swimming pond for the more wild swimming experience! Visit Natural Swimming Pools to see our pools.

No chemicals. No Salt. Just Clean and Clear Water, filtered naturally, guaranteed all year round.
We have a network of partner companies covering the following areas:

Scotland; Midlands; Gloucestershire; Bristol; Somerset; Surrey; Cornwall; Cambridge; London; Berkshire; Buckinghamshire; Hampshire; Sussex; Kent; Wiltshire; Oxon; Middlesex; Norfolk; Bedfordshire; Essex
Our pools are built using one of five systems depending on the clients taste, requirements and lifestyle. Further to reading about the five Clear Water Revival pool types within the our pools section, here are a set of photos for each type, named by their general characteristics.

The Classic pool is built for practicality, contemporary and formal styles, pristine conditions and indoor environments.

Design – This pool is a traditional pool in many aspects of its appearance and function. It is suited to a more formal space. This pool suits an owner requiring the highest levels of cleanliness and convenience. It is also an excellent option for indoor pools and chemical pool conversions.
Swim zone – 100%

Surface Area – 20-70m2

Care – Built for convenience and ease of maintenance, this is for pool lovers that wish to do away with expensive chlorine or UV systems. It is the most technical of our pools but please note that this system does not make use of any chemical treatments including phosphate removers.

Price – Typically £60,000 – £250,000 depending on choice of pool cover/building; includes heating system.

This type of pool system gives us the convenience and functionality of the type 1 system with the romantic design of your traditional natural swimming pool (type 5).
Design – Suited to the larger garden.

This pool type unites the convenience and cleanliness of a conventional pool with the beauty of natural and romantic design – the pool design is enhanced by framing with natural qualities/traits; The biological filter system operates without any influence from aquatic plants.
Swim zone – 85-95%

Surface Area – 50-100m2
Care – Requires greater investment in maintenance and practical understanding of the pool system.
Price – Typically £50,000 to £120,000 budget, depending on size and choice of materials.
Classic Planted
The classic planted pool combines the convenience and formality of the type 1 pool with the added interest and longevity of a planted filter bed.

Design – Clean architectural designs incorporating nature but with a separate planted filter. This type of pool provides a more practical solution suiting sophisticated smaller-scale design. It also provides an excellent option for converting a chemical pool.
Swim zone – 75-85%

Surface Area – 25 – 70m2
Care – Equipment, intended use and cleaning convenience closely relate to choice of this pool type. It incorporates more technology for maintenance than types 4 or 5 but therefore demands greater practical understanding.
Price – Typically £40,000 – £120,000 depending on size and choice of materials.
Compact Planted
These pools are built using economical modular construction techniques and are obviously smaller than our other types of pool. Great for restricted garden space and budgets. This would make the perfect plunge pool.

Design – This compact type of natural swimming pool system is suited to nature lovers with a smaller garden or less available space.
It offers vibrant wildlife and a profound quality of experience at an affordable price.
Swim zone – 50-70%

Surface Area – 15- 50m2
Care – Smaller size and clearly defined zones ensure ease of maintenance; many pool designs will need little attention.
Price – Typically £15,000 – £30,000 depending on size and choice of materials.
Freeform Planted
This is your familiar pool/pond hybrid, generally characterised by large planted areas and large overall size. This style of pool is where the term swimming pond becomes more relevant and owners of this traditional natural swimming pool/swimming pond enjoy a close to nature experience…wild swimming!

Design – Suited to the larger garden.

An impressive ‘nature pool’ that offers close contact with flora and fauna and an extensive swimming area. Incorporates water features, streams and lush planted zones.
Blends seamlessly with its surroundings in harmony with nature and fosters the growth of natural eco-systems.
Swim zone – 40-60%

Surface Area – 60 – 200m2
Care – Generally low maintenance, large planted areas will need cutting back and cleaning during the colder months.
Price – Typically £40,000 – £80,000 depending
on size and choice of materials.

Clear Water Revival HQ in Bristol is developing its partner community across the UK and Ireland. The Clear Water Revival (CWR) community is a partnership of natural swimming pool and landscape design and construction companies. These companies have been closely vetted before being given membership within our organization.

Linked to CWR is a wider group of partners across Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, the Czech republic and Australia, operating under the trademark ‘blueBase’. (prior to 2006 this group was under the trademark "Aquaviva"). This group designs and constructs around 200 pools annually.
Clear Water Revival Aims and Objectives:
  • To encourage high standards of quality, workmanship and service;
  • To improve and maintain the standing of the natural swimming pool industry through reputation for excellent pools and design;
  • To foster a greater awareness among professional bodies, public authorities and the public, by improved promotion of the industry;
  • To provide our partners with research and development services.
CWR community assures its clients the following:

  • Unique design of your CWR Natural Swimming Pool (and garden if you choose) according to your lifestyle, needs, desires using a qualified garden designer or landscape architect on every project.
  • All designs are checked and signed off by our design team at HQ;
  • Complete service for the design and construction of your Natural Swimming Pool from your local CWR-Partner;
  • Professional support for maintenance and cleaning of your Natural Swimming Pool by your local CWR-Partner;
  • Commission of your Natural Swimming Pool by one of our national supervisors who will give you training in operation, usage, maintenance and cleaning;
  • 2x water quality analyses from our experienced CWR-Limnologist within the first 2 years of operation (quality check).

Technical Expertise

It cannot be emphasized enough that to ensure algae free and hygienic conditions over the many years of operating a natural swimming pool, a good system of design and technology is required. Many ‘swimming ponds’ are based upon simple principles, plants only and/or trial and error and this always leads to algae problems.
The patent-registered CWR-Filter-System guarantees clean and clear water all year round. The water cleans itself through carefully controlled water circulation and optimized biological filtration. The biological filter unit is the core of a Natural Swimming Pool. GeoClear Filter Granules and micro-organisms work together in a precisely controlled system, providing the biological processes for the binding and degradation of organic nutrients.
Many years of experience and extensive research have seen Clear Water Revival’s chemists and biologists working alongside its Austrian partners, developing and perfecting the technology, generating a biologically stabilized system with the following characteristics;
Long-lasting filter system, free from maintenance, with patented system-elements and secured degradation of nutrients;
Tested substrates, certified materials, and unique technology and components for building our pools, such as the patented electrolysis system for O2 accumulation;
Defined standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance for each Clear Water Revival-type;
GeoClear-mineral soils for the optimum growth of plants and the long term supply of trace elements into the system.
Partner Community

The natural swimming pools designed within our organisation are built by our representatives local to the project. These trained and certified partners form our community of premium design build companies across the UK and Ireland. Each part of the swimming pool design and swimming pool construction process is checked and signed off by HQ, ensuring our strict quality standards are upheld on each pool.
Our partners already have established reputable local businesses and ensure the process of your natural swimming pool construction is completed in the most efficient and cost effective way.
If you are interested in swimming pool kits please contact for details.
Clear Water Revival HQ is based in Bristol but our organisation operates UK wide. Please contact us using the form opposite or alternatively call:
t. +44 (0) 117 923 2588
m. +44 (0) 7832 382 653
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Natural Swimming Pools
A natural swimming pool, sometimes called a swimming pond where designed as such, offers a completely natural alternative to chemical pools/ozone or salt pools. They are chlorine-free, and harness nature’s processes, with microorganisms and plants balancing the water chemistry and maintaining clean, clear and hygienic conditions for natural swimming.
What is different about CWR’s Natural Swimming Pools?:
  • Scientifically proven bio-filtration system to guarantee clean and clear water 365 days of the year
  • 5 Pool types to give flexibility and meet client requirements (size, shape, style, level of planting/wildlife, budget etc.)
  • 20:80 ratio regeneration zone vs. 50:50 in swimming ponds
  • User friendly – no dosing with chemicals, no water replacement, minimal top up quantities, comfortable maintenance, ease of use
  • Versatile system, adaptable to your requirements and tastes (surface area, naturalness, aesthetics, comfort, functionality etc.)
  • Working with a partner community that is supported by a team of scientists, ecological engineers, sustainability consultants, landscape designers and architects (great expertise)
  • CWR pools can be heated up to 28 degrees (unlike many swimming ponds)
Natural Swimming Pools explained

A Natural Swimming Pool is a wonderful combination of a swimming pool and a naturally functioning wetland, creating a clean and chemical free environment for you to swim in and a wildlife attraction for your garden. They can bring an essence of Victorian England back to the country.

The Benefits of a natural swimming pool:
Clean, Clear Water (no mud, no chemicals)

Affordable (similar cost as a conventional pool to build, but considerably lower running costs)

Low maintenance (much less than a chemically treated pool)

Year round beauty of a water garden (traditional pools can be unsightly, especially in winter)

Increase in Property value (traditional pools can actually de-value property prices)

Passive solar heating (for extended swimming opportunities)

Water feature therapy

Wildlife enhancement (if designed to suit, the pool can offer a habitat for many rare plants and animals)

Can be retro-fitted for conventional swimming pool conversion

The pool can be used in the winter (e.g. ice-skating)

Natural Swimming Pool Design
The basic philosophy behind water quality in a conventional swimming pool is to kill everything short of killing the swimmer. There is another way. In a natural swimming pool we harness natures’ own processes to produce clean, clear water. Friendly bacteria keep the water balanced and clean, just as nature intended.

The swimming area is structurally distinct from the wetland, or ‘regeneration zone’, which is a shallow area containing a permeable substrate where friendly microorganisms (beneficial bacteria), reeds and nutrient hungry aquatic plants filter the water as it percolates through the bed. Pools can be designed to fit any sized garden, but will usually have a depth in the swimming zone of 1.5-2m.

Clear Water Revival pools are distinct in their ability to be designed in any style to fit any space. Where as your traditional natural swimming pond has a 50-50% split between swim zone and regeneration zone, our pools can have as little as 14% surface area taken up by planted zone and they work just as well as a small plunge pool compared to a large pool.

Some technology can be used to assist in maintaining the balance; e.g. skimmers to remove debris falling onto the surface; small artificial filters which give a final polish to the water; or UV sterilizers, which we do not employ but some may use to insurance against extreme environmental conditions such as in hotter climates or in pools which are in heavy public use.

In order that a congruous natural appearance is maintained, the retaining structure of the swimming zone, such as a concrete or timber wall, will be obscured under the surface of the water. We feel it is very important to ensure this artificial structure within the pool is as indistinct as possible, so you will really feel you are swimming in a natural spring. However, we are also able to design more architectured or formal pools where such linear features will be used to give the desired effect.

Natural Swimming Pool Construction
Wherever possible, construction of the pool will make use of either local supplies and/or reclaimed/recycled materials. For example, we would chose to employ replacement cement for concrete walls and footings, or recycled railway sleepers, should timber retaining walls be chosen for the swimming area. Often the choice of materials will be dictated by your location (i.e. local availability of recycled materials) in order that your costs are reduced and the sustainable nature of such a construction is maintained. As another example, you may choose to match any rockwork to your local geology.

A typical medium-large pool will take around 1-2 months to complete, depending on the level of technology and landscaping required. Groundwork preparation and installation of the watertight liner is carried out by specialist appointed contractors, ensuring best build quality.
Renewable energy options
A typical heated swimming pool uses more energy than consumed by the average 3 bed UK house. Renewable energy options can be added to heat the pool in an environmentally sustainable manner, as well as provide power to the pumps. Technologies available include ground source heat pumps, solar thermal panels, wind turbines and small scale biomass boilers. Renewable energy systems can also be designed and sized to meet the requirements of a nearby dwelling if requested.

Natural swimming pools tend to cost the same as conventional swimming pools, however, their maintenance and running costs are considerably less. Clear Water Revival can provide you with a proposal and quotation tailored to your exact requirements and location. Existing swimming pools can be converted into natural swimming pools at a lower cost to a new build, helping to turn an eyesore into a beautiful water garden

Building a Natural Swimming Pool

Clear Water Revival’s 5 pool types offer many choices for building a new natural swimming pool. Ranging from our ‘Classic’ Type 1 swimming pool with no interaction with planted areas to our ‘Freeform Planted’ Type 5 pool for the more wild swimming experience, there is a pool to suit any client and landscape requirement for both rural and urban settings.

Having completed 12 pools, with another 4 currently under construction in the UK, Clear Water Revival, combined with blueBaes’s portfolio, has a wealth of experience to bring to your new pool build.
Visit the Blog site and read about Owning a Natural Swimming Pool

Converting a Swimming Pool

Clear Water Revival’s 5 pool types offer many choices for converting a conventional pool into a natural swimming pool. The ‘Classic’ Type 1 offers the potential to ‘bolt-on’ a biological filtration system to the side of the pool, with a little further modification, any pool can be relieved of the burden of chemicals with little disruption to the garden.

At the other end of the design spectrum, if your pool has a sturdy construction, the pool shell could support the swimming area of a Type 5 ‘planted freeform’ pool.
Read more on pool conversions from Pond Dr Dave here!

Renovating a Derelict Swimming Pool

Clear Water Revival’s 5 pool types offer many choices for renovating a derelict pool into a beautiful natural swimming pool.

It helps (in terms of cost) to have a solid concrete structure there in the first place, renovating an old panel pool for example is not worth the risk and it would have to be stripped out. In many cases existing concrete walls can be cut down and flooded, forming the wall between the swim zone and regeneration zone.

In the past our system has been used to improve old failing swimming ponds. In order to accomodate our system this swimming pond may have to be relined, but it is likely that we can avoid major works to the pool/pond shell.

Public Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools offer an ideal setting for community open spaces and a beautiful focus to the gardens of a natural spa, lido, hotel or retreat. Clear Water Revival are actively seeking to promote our pools into the public realm, offering full design, construction and ongoing maintenance services for public authorities, developers and hotel managers, we assure that one of our pools will offer a spectacular feature to the landscape.

Our system has been installed into 31 hotel pools and 5 community pools in Austria alone, with great success. Please get in contact with us if you would like to see a full list of references from these locations; we encourage you to take a trip and see one of them.

Design Services
As well as developing a range of fantastic products to help designers create imaginative and inviting outdoor spaces and swimming pool design features, we have developed a design team to match our products in quality. We aim for Clear Water Revival to be a one stop shop for designing outdoor spaces and outdoor swimming.

Clear Water Revival has put a great deal of effort into perfecting its natural swimming pool system and technology. Such a premium product should be combined with premium design. Crystal clear water means nothing if the overall aesthetic is poor.

Our partners obviously offer their own design services and each designer will have their own approach, but we do encourage vernacular and ecological design, depending on the style of space you are creating. All designs are also passed through our design team before being presented.

Good design is important for everything we create in life. It effects our mood, our choices and ensures a products ease of use.

Ensuring health, comfort and aesthtically pleasing results requires a proper planning and design phase for our bespoke pools. Most pool projects will go through such a special design study, where, after gaining a thorough understanding of a clients lifestyle, needs, tastes and environment, conceptual artwork is presented before detailed technical drawings are produced in CAD.

Our conceptual drawings can be complimented with 3D graphical visualisations, or artists impressions to help the client visualise the end result.
Garden Design
Garden design is a lot of fun! The design process must be a pleasure for all concerned. This helps ensure that the end result will be! We aim to design gardens that fit your lifestyle, what ever it may be.

Assisting and complimenting our partner’s designers, Clear Water Revival also has an in-house design team. Our approach ties the desires of the client into the character of the existing garden and its surrounds. Gardens are tailor made for the client. By closely linking the design to the wider landscape, a garden can look ‘inevitable’, like it was meant to be and has always been there. Situating a garden into its setting is the key good design.

Gardens are also designed to look fantastic all year round. We consider it essential to provide a very solid structure to a garden that will give it a strong character as the seasons change.

We also design the garden (as with a pool) to fit the maintenance capabilities of the client. It must be an enjoyable experience owning a garden, never a chore. The design must ensure this.

Often it is suitable to develop an overall plan in the design stage, and then carry out the work in progressive stages. This spreads the costs and gives you a chance to live with the new garden as it unfolds.

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