City Garden Exhibitors Chelsea 2007

  • 4 June 2021 4:46 pm


Adam Frost Landscapes
Realistic Retreat
Designer: Adam Frost
Site number: RHW 29
Press Contact: Adam Frost
Press Tel: 01780 410926
Email: [email protected]
Contractor: Adam Frost Landscapes
Exhibitor Address: Adam Frost, Duncombe Farm, Little Bytham, Grantham, Lincs. NG33 4QN

This garden is beautiful and achievable. It is a simple design, which has form, structure and sumptuous planting. This urban garden has been designed to highlight what can be achieved in any small space.

Soft red York handmade bricks form the walls, raised bed and panel in ‘Realistic Retreat’. These contrast with the diamond sawn York-stone paving and water feature.

Planting is a mixture of grasses, colourful perennials and shrubs, which add depth and structure. The walls are softened with climbing wisteria and roses. Above the raised bed there is a timber lounger, from which the occupant can relax and enjoy the garden.

Adam Frost, the garden designer, says that ‘Realist Retreat’ is a garden to encourage urbanites to enjoy the outdoors, whether it is for gardening, relaxing or entertaining.

ANTHRISCUS sylvestris Ravenswing
ARTEMISIA ludoviciana Valerie Finnis
EUPHORBIA x martini
FOENICULUM vulgare purpureum
GERANIUM x magnificum
GERANIUM renardii
HEUCHERA Cghocolate Ruffles
IRIS sibirica Butter & Sugar
IRIS sibirica Perrys Blue
NEPETA x faasenii Six Hills Giant
SALVIA x sylvestris Blauhugel (Blue Hills
AQUILEGIA William Guiness
GERANIUM phaeum Album
HEMEROCALLIS lilioasphodelus (flava)
IRIS pallida (dalmatica)
STACHYS buyzantina Big Ears
THALICTRUM aquilegifolium Thundercloud
TIARELLA Mint Chocolate
STIPA tenuifolia
SALVIA officinalis purpurascens
THYMUS coccinius
THYMUS Doone Valley
THYMUS pulegiodes Aureus
BUDDLEJA davidii Blck Knight
BUXUS sempervirens mix of 20L,30L,40L
CHOISYA Aztec Pearl
CHOISYA ternate
COTINUS coggygria Royal Purple
LAVANDULA angustifolia Hidcote
LAVANDULA angustifolia Loddon Pink
NANDINA domestica Fire Power
PHOTINIA x fraseri Red Robin
VIBURNUM x davidii
SAMBUCUS nigra Black Beauty
FARGESIA murieliae Simba
IMPERATA cylindrical rubra
LUZULA nivea
MISCANTHUS malepartus
MISCANTHUS Morning Light
MOLINEA Karl Foerster
MOLINEA variegate
OPHIOPOGON planiscapus Nigrescens
PANICUM Rehbraun
PANICUM virgatum Heavy Metal
SASA veitchii
STIPA arundinacea
STIPA gigantea

Capel Manor College
Site number: RHW 30
Press Contact: Hilary Thomas
Press Tel: 08456 122122
Email: [email protected]
Exhibitor Address: Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 4RQ

Harpak (Moscow)
A City Haven

Site number: RHW 27
Press Contact:
Press Tel: 01380 728999
Email: [email protected]
Exhibitor Address: 32 Ferguson Road, Devizes, Wilts. SN10 3UA

This is an intimate garden designed for the bustling city of Moscow. It is a sheltered space adjacent to a ground floor apartment and achieves a calm feeling in which to escape the fast pace of a professional lifestlye.

Large shrubs and small trees are used to achieve a degree of privacy from the neighbouring gardens and appartments. The planting is simple, based predominantly on form and shape, texture and differing greens, with the interjection of simple flowers. All of this, in essence, achieves the effect similar to a small woodland area within an urban environment.

All of the plants used are hardy enough to withstand the climate within the city of Moscow.

AOA Corporation Ltd
‘UN TEI’ – Garden of Clouds
Designer: Kazuyuki Ishihara
Site number: RHW 28
Sponsor: Oshima Shipbuilding Group / AOA Corporation Co., Ltd
Press Contact:
Press Tel: 0081 3 3243 4887 or 0081 90 3732 5445
Email addresses: [email protected]
[email protected]

Exhibitor Address: Nakada Muromachi Build 2F 2-5-9 Muromachi Nihonbashi Tokyo 103-0022

This small garden enclosed by walls of green is designed to evoke peaceful childhood memories for those living a hectic urban lifestyle. The garden encourages people to engage with their present as well as to remind them of peaceful places spent in their childhood.

The walls of the garden are covered with plants that indicate its secluded and private nature. Small windows in these green walls allow visitors to glimpse a Japanese water garden beyond.

Designer Kazuyuki Ishihara believes that living an urban lifestyle can cause people to lose touch with nature and that plants can re-connect them to the seasons. Japanese seasonal plants are featured in this garden, including Pinus sylvestris and Acer palamatum. The use of this planting alongside eroded sandstone features and water expresses the passage of time and harmony with nature.

The planting is inspired by the designer’s own childhood memories of growing up in Nagasaki, Japan and includes many plants of Japanese origin, such as Farfugium japonicum, Ophiopgon japonicus, Pachysandra terminalis and Iris sanguinea.

Kazuyuki Ishihara returns to Chelsea for the third time following his Best in Show win in the Chic Garden category in 2006.

Sarah Price Landscapes
‘The QVC ‘Bejewelled’ Garden’
Designer: Sarah Price
Site number: RHW 26
Sponsor: QVC UK
Press Contact: Jennifer-Bramley
Press Tel: 0207 705 5675
Press Email: [email protected]
Contractor: Wynniatt-Husey Clarke Ltd
Exhibitor Address: Sarah Price, Sarah Price Landscapes, 9 Brendon Close, Esher, Surrey. KT10 9EH

Sarah Price, garden designer, is making her debut at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with the dazzling ‘QVC Bejeweled Garden’. This enchanting City Garden features an array of gemstone inspired plants and rich tapestry of colour and texture.

The garden is inspired by crystalline formations and precious gemstones. Its composition of sequentially stepped water pools and warm limestone captures a moment of beauty.

Coloured washed walls and blended natural stones form a muted backdrop of warm tones. Shimmering glass compositions mirror the flower forms of pointillist planting, whilst reflecting diffused light back into the space.

The planting is soft and informal, with an emphasis on colour and texture. Painterly drifts of perennials, pinpricks of ruby red Potentilla, plum Aquilegia and the deep velvet blue spires of Verbasceum create a composition of vibrant jewl like colours and forms.

Shimmering swathes of copper Carex buchananii and a backdrop of soft green foliage underpin multi-stemmed Amelanchier lamarckii are pruned to create three-dimensional, vertical accents within the space. The species of plants naturally attract wildlife, especially birds, bees and butterflies.

‘The QVC ‘Bejewelled Garden’ aims to offer inherently elegant and sophisticated space to entertain and relax, creating a tranquil yet effervescent atmosphere for an enchanted city garden.

Working alongside the gardening charity Thrive, the plants and trees exhibited at Chelsea will be replanted within Battersea Park as part of its ongoing Battersea Project.

At just 26 years old Sarah boasts an impressive CV that includes first class qualifications, awards and practical experience; in 2006 she received a Gold Medal for her Conceptual Garden ‘Difference & Repetition’ at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Studio Lasso
Garden of Transience

Designer: Haruko Seki
Site number: RHW 31
Sponsor: Green and Arts Co., Ltd / Urban Regenerate Association of Niigata
Press Contact: Haruko Seki
Press Tel: 020 8318 9492 / 07825 615 617
Email: [email protected]
Contractors: Makoto Tanaka Landscape with Toshiki Motusugi Kenzo Yamakoshi Design Studio
Exhibitor Address: 75 Walerand Road, London. SE13 7PQ
Set within an urban environment, either private garden or a tiny space surrounded by commercial buildings, the themes of the garden are tranquillity and a sense of transience.
The garden is designed as a void to project light and shadow. Mirror-like water in a shallow basin reflects the movement of the sky revealing the constant flow of nature. Bamboo sways and reveals the sound of the breeze.
The garden represents how we perceive space with a Japanese sensitivity, especially by changing the quality of light and obscuring the reality of the objects.
This is an experimental garden where space expresses on its own, by emphasizing the elements that are related to our memories – by the transient phenomenon of nature; as a piece of poem that awakens something deep inside our mind.
This is designer Haruko Seki’s first time at Chelsea, she says that whilst her garden does not use any of the traditional Japanese garden elements if ‘visitors can feel the Japanese sense of beauty, then my creation will be a success’.