Chilstone At Chelsea

  • 4 June 2021 4:57 pm


After one of the hottest and most brilliant Chelsea Flower Shows in many years, the Christian Before Dior showgarden was one of the stars of the show! The garden created by talented garden designers A Touch of France was literally mobbed by enthusiastic crowds and came high on the list of peoples favorite garden.


‘This is the first time that Chilstone have officially sponsored a garden’, said Chilstone general manager, Steve Clark, ‘and we have been thrilled with the public reaction’. The garden was particularly appreciated by rose fans and featured a variety of roses including Rosa Clarence House and Rosa Albertine. A special appearance was also made by Rosa Dior which had to be specially grown for the event.


Designers, A Touch of France, were also pleased to be awarded another medal to go with the two already won at previous Chelsea shows. On this occasion they worked with main sponsor Chilstone to create a brand new garden vase called the Mois de Mai. The vase is in the French style, with a bold display of Lily of the Valley in high relief on a silvery stone base. The vase is now available through Chilstone.