Bosch – Great British Gardening Report

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


The Love/Hate Relationship of the 21st Century Gardener
  • A quarter of Brits don’t care about the environment when gardening
  • 50% of women in the UK are too busy with housework to garden, while their male
    counterparts are out enjoying the fresh air and tending to their little patch of green
  • 90% of Brits have a garden, however weeding is the most hated gardening chore
Research launched today has revealed that the importance of reducing our gardening footprint still hasn’t resonated with some gardeners, as over a quarter admit to not considering the environment as they garden.
Worryingly it’s the supposedly eco-savvy 25-44 year old age group that fare the worst when it comes to conscious eco-gardening, with almost 60% failing to actively garden greener. However, Bosch Lawn & Garden can reveal that all is not lost.
Findings show the nation is going composting mad, with 45% recycling their waste and scraps on a regular basis! Years of water shortages and hosepipe bans also seem to have resonated with the 21st Century gardener, as a third of Brits now collect rain water to ensure they’re doing their bit to help Mother Nature keep the country hydrated.
Greener tools are also on the increase when it comes to tending the gardens of today; with 15% swapping petrol run tools for cordless, battery operated gardening equipment in an attempt to cut emissions and noise pollution in the search for a quieter, happier garden.
A love/ hate relationship
Bosch’s insight into the 21st Century gardener reveals that to some, certain gardening tasks will always be seen as a chore. A third of Brits find gardening boring and physically tiring, whilst a quarter see it as a time consuming task that’s hard to fit into today’s hectic lifestyle.
The top five most hated gardening jobs:
  • Weeding
  • Mowing the Lawn
  • Cleaning the patio
  • Digging
  • Pruning, clearing and hedge cutting
However, it is not all doom and gloom as gardeners from across the country are happy to admit they really are grateful for the simple pleasures that tending a garden can bring to their lives.

Top five gardening pleasures:

  • The end result – 36%
  • Being out in the fresh air – 28%
  • Satisfaction of a job well done – 19%
  • The chance to exercise – 5%
  • Chance to escape the chaos of day- to-day life – 4%
Is it Adam’s oasis or Eve’s retreat?
Findings show it’s men that are enjoying the fresh air and flexing their green fingers, as over 50% of women admit house hold chores keep them tied to the kitchen sink, as opposed to enjoying a life in the great outdoor.
A hectic family life also seems to leave no free garden time for wannabe, modern day Eve’s, as over a quarter cite a busy family life as a barrier.
Gardening personality, Tommy Walsh, comments on 21st Century gardening: “Historically gardening was for the strong and fit due to cumbersome tools and back breaking tasks. These days there are so many innovative, lightweight tools on the market that can save your aches and pains and cut time spent working on the garden in half, which can turn stressful, time consuming garden chores into a relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed!”
Time in the garden may be at a premium for women in the UK, but most admit they wouldn’t be without one – almost 80% class the garden as one of the top factors that could make or break the deal when choosing a new home!
Bosch Lawn & Garden Expert, Roger Tombs comments: "Bosch has recently produced a range of eco-friendly products that address issues such as limited time in the garden and the nuisances of noise, weight and trailing cables. There are Lithium-Ion powered cordless mowers, which are light, easy to use and considerably less expensive compared with a petrol mower.
“We have also created a range of Lithium-Ion powered hedgecutters and line trimmers, as well as a selection of fun and easy to use pressure washers for all those outside cleaning jobs.”
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