Garden Nurseries

For many gardeners the only thing that really matters in a garden is the plants. They are the stars. Lawn, decking, paving and pergola are all just the frame for the flowers and foliage that decorate the garden.

Where to find those plants is of paramount importance. Around the country there are hundreds of wonderful nurseries where you can find beautiful plants, both old favourites and brand new varieties. Whether you are looking for a popular plant grown for centuries in our gardens or a rarity, recently found in a distant land, you will find all the plants for which you are searching in one of the nurseries listed on The Gardening Website. Some of them will send you plants by mail order, but you may have to visit others to pick up the plants you desire.

Around 900 garden nurseries are listed on The Gardening Website. They are listed as Garden Nurseries by county and as Garden Nurseries by town or city – most with details of the plants they sell so it will be easy to find exactly the one you are looking for.

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