Urban Tropics

  • 4 June 2021 4:44 pm
  • London, England


Urban Tropics

Imagine an ever evolving paradise brimming with palms, tree ferns, bamboos and bananas, with splashes of hot colour provided by truly exotic flowers such as gingers and cannas.

My designs cater for those seeking something a little special-something to titillate and tease the imagination transporting you to a world where stress plays no part.

Exotic flowers are used as accents, never dominating and architectural plants abound in all their glory.

Whereas the northern climate garden has maximum interest in spring and then sadly loses much of its impetus, the exotic garden just becomes more and more engaging.

Exotic plants which, hitherto, you may have considered as too tender to even contemplate for our cool climate, will not only grow, but positively flourish and surprisingly with little maintenance. This website gives a preview of my exotic world.


Peter Phillips 17 Spaniards End London,NW37JG,London,England