Snap ‘n’ Grow 6ft x 8ft Greenhouse

  • 4 June 2021 4:57 pm


This fast-fit aluminium greenhouse can be erected in around 3 hours. There are no nuts or bolts; the panels are just pushed together.
The clear polycarbonate ‘glass’ panels are 200 times stronger than horticultural glass as they are not rigid and therefore not brittle. Over 99% of harmful solar UV rays are stopped while letting in as much light as glass. The panels are secured in place by sliding them into the aluminium profiles, making assembly quick and easy, resulting is a highly secure structure. The framework is guaranteed against corrosion for 10 years.
    * Hinged door
    * One Roof vent
    * Door and roof vent pre-assembled
    * Complete with integral Galvanised Steel Base
    * Ridge height is 6’10” and the height on the sides (Eaves) is 4’5″