Laurent-Perrier – Laurent-Perrier Garden

  • 4 June 2021 4:53 pm


Designer: Jinny Blom
Sponsor: Laurent-Perrier
Press contact: Jen Eveleigh or Emily Thoubboron, Wildcard PR
Press contact email: [email protected], [email protected]
Press contact tel: 0207 355 0655
Contractor: Crocus
Exhibitor Address: Laurent-Perrier, 66-88 Chapel Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1DE

The ‘Laurent-Perrier Garden’ is a garden of reflection and is inspired by the ‘journey of life’.

It is an element of a larger garden attached to the modernist house of an Italian art collector. It commemorates an important personal event in the life of the collector and the ‘journey of life’ theme refers to his personal biography. However, the garden’s symbolism suggests the passage of every existence. The garden reaches its peak in May, coinciding with the commemorative event.

It is a warm, peaceful setting, naturalistically planted and with finely handcrafted details.

A number of paths take different routes through the garden at varying degrees – highs and lows – to represent a journey through shifting and unpredictable moments in life. These pathways are created from Travertine marble on concrete plinths and combine elements of antiquity with contemporary methods.

A sculptural progression of circular shapes structure this garden and act as ‘moon gates’ to and from the garden. A simple and transparent bronze solar gate at the garden’s entrance symbolises life beginning and invites visitors in. This is echoed by a complex, floating lunar gate suspended above a dark, still pond with stepping-stones, symbolising more challenging transitions in life.

A final Italian red sandstone circular disk forms a dramatic backdrop to a seat at the end of the garden that borders somewhere for contemplation and relaxation, and frames the sitter like the moon.

The planting is lush, floral and delicate, making lavish use of Astrantia. Strong sheer hedges, candle shaped trees and sculptural structures balance it.

The high, clipped hornbeam hedge forms a solid enclosure broken only by the entrance. Within the garden, five fastigiate oaks are planted at the axis of each paving panel, providing vertical punctuation. The dominant colours are burgundy, claret and soft pinks, shot through with lime green, and flashes of orange.

The rich planting, pond and high hedging mean the ‘Laurent-Perrier Garden’ is a wildlife friendly environment.

This is the third time that Jinny Blom, the garden designer, has teamed up with Laurent-Perrier at Chelsea. Last year Jinny was awarded a Silver-Gilt Medal.