Garden and Landscape Design by Laara Copley-Smith

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm



As a Garden Designer I offer a unique and personalised garden design service. I work to a specific brief, individual to each client and garden. Creating beautiful gardens which enhance the living environment and bring a sense of peace and tranquility into client`s everyday lives.

During the design process I gather fragments of information that will evolve into a cohesive garden design. To create a garden which is both aesthetically beautiful and functional for the practicalities of life. A design which will integrate the property with the garden and provide an interior-exterior living space.

Well versed in classical, traditional and modernist design principles. I work on a wide range of garden design projects from courtyard and city gardens to large rural and country gardens. My ‘Garden Design Practice’ encompasses all areas of design such as: Creative consultancy, out-line design, master plans, water features, lighting design, metal and glass design. Through to the softer elements such as planting design. Project management and overseeing are also available.

I often collaborate with architects, interior designers and other professionals working as a team on restoration, renovation and new build projects. I work with continual consultation with the client to ensure the brief is met and that a successful garden design and installation is achieved.

From the concept, through the construction to the completion.

Formal, Classical or Modernist.. the importance is always within the refinement and detail of the design.

Bespoke Items and Services

Bespoke services and Craftsmanship can be tailored to produce specific items and finishes for your project.

This may encompass a range of items or a singular item. It may also be a specialist building craft such as Flint work or original Lime Render finish to a building.

Whatever individual requirements you may have….we may be able to fulfill your needs.

Decorative Finishes
Quality Carpentry & Timber Works
Bespoke Windows & Doors
Flint Work, Lime Render
Glass Work, Contemporary or Traditional
Planters, Timber, Stainless Steel, Fiber Glass

My Garden Design practice offers a comprehensive and professional range of services. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss the potential of your garden project and how we can work together to realise your ‘Vision & Aspirations’

Laara Copley-Smith

Office: 01276 507 345

Mobile: 07947 070 454