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Four Winds Landscaping
Landscaping in Essex, Hard Landscaping, Soft Landscaping


Four Winds Landscaping Contractors provide a complete service of Design and Build in both Hard- and Soft Landscaping, to both the Commercial and Private Sector.
We cover a wide radius in the course of our work. This includes the South East and East Anglia. On completion of landscaping we provide an excellent aftercare service


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Garden Design & Projects


Garden Design is perhaps the most essential ingredient, as the final result will depend entirely on the time spent in the planning. Four Winds works closely with its clients at this level. It is vital to understand their needs and their lifestyles and to incorporate these in the design.

Gardens vary in size, structure, soil types, surroundings and a host of other reasons. We incorporate our know how with our clients preferences in our designs. Often only aspects of gardens require remodeling, or transplanting. We are there to advise you.

Good Garden Design means arranging your outdoor space in a way that provides not only beauty but adds comfort safety and privacy.


Hard Landscaping

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Hard landscaping is not just about paths and driveways – it also includes garden walls, the laying of slabs for greenhouses or sheds, patios and water features. Any garden features that involve the use of rocks or concrete would be placed in this classification.

Landscape design or garden design plans should take into consideration the importance of outdoor services such as trenching for out door tap supply and electrical armoured cables for shed lighting or exterior lights for driveways, etc.

These installations must be applied before physical laying of hard landscaping is applied.

So the essence is in the effective advance thought and good planning that will avoid or reduce the risk of undoing what has previously been constructed to ‘put right’. Therefore any temptation to deal with laying of concrete or rocks prior to landscaping design could potentially be disastrous – an example of this would be laying a front driveway then taking delivery of further materials for the back garden, damaging perhaps the work already undertaken.

Leave this to Four Winds to discuss with you prior to construction.


Soft Landscaping


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Our objective during your visit is to provide you our viewers with a brief insight into the world of Four Winds Landscaping and the services and products we provide.

Garden Design and its implementation has changed over the centuries, to suit the needs of people. It will continue to change because it is a subject about which the last word will never be written. Gardens for recreation and pleasure are the pursuit of most homeowners today and not just the privileged few.

The success of good garden design, its creation and the pleasure that is derived comes from a sound understanding of the client’s requirements. These should ultimately be reflected in the garden created for them and can only be achieved through consultation and a sound customer relationship. We must advise when necessary and perhaps convince when appropriate but we must never forget that our presence is temporary and it is the client who will ultimately derive the enjoyment.



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Steel Fabrication, Gates & Railings


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Gates and Railings not only provide the sometimes much needed security to your home but can also look quite stunning, a first impression to the entrance of your home and driveway. Amongst other materials wrought iron railings can be attractive and quite popular. As landscape designers Four Winds are more than happy to advise on the choice and style not only for the domestic client but also for commercial clients too.


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