Dome Roof Heavy Duty Steel Decorative Fruit Cage

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


The Dome Roof Heavy Duty Steel Decorative Fruit Cage is the newcomer on the walk-in fruit cage block and has been attracting admiring looks from the vegetable and fruit growing fraternity ever since its public debut at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show.

It’s not surprising when you stand back and admire the rooflines, and as the cages are supplied in 2.5 and 3m square units, it’s extremely likely a size will exist which fits perfectly into your garden. With a towering 3.3m of growing height (3.05m with the 2.5m square version), you can accomodate fruit trees as well as bushes and canes – giving you a perfect and very stylish solution to your fruit growing problems!

• Fruit cages offer excellent protection to your fruit and withstand snowfall due to their design
• Choose between pineapple and sphere finials to top off the cage
• 10 year guarantee on 25mm/1″ square x 1.5mm thick steel framework
• Galvanised and powder-coated textured matt black finish to steelwork
• Pineapple finial is finished in dry brushed gold paint
• Sphere version is matt black
• 2 unit sizes – 2.5m/8’ or 3m/9’9″ square
• Cage measures 2m/6’7″ H at top of door frame
• Cage (2.5m sq) gives 3.05m/10’ of height
• 3m square model provides 3.3m/10’11 clearance in centre
• Each decorative cage comes complete with one door kit, shaped roof net, side netting, heavy-duty foot plates and all necessary fixings, pegs and ties
• You can increase cage size at a later date by adding additional units which include linking plates, framework, netting but no door (details below)
• Fully illustrated assembly and instruction booklet included
• If space is limited please allow an extra 2% to measurements for fitting as the above sizes are generous
• Used at Garden Organic in Ryton

The following accessories are all available for your Decorative Cage:
• Door Kit – GDN-105
• Corner Braces – GDN-102
• Mid-Braces – GDN-101
• Ground Sockets and Driving Cap – GDN-797 & 798
• Additional Units – GFC-130A

Prices from £595

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