• 4 June 2021 4:53 pm


Take Professional Looking Product Photographs Yourself!


Recent developments in digital imaging and publishing technology have prompted a growing number of businesses, large and small, to explore the benefits of creating and publishing their own marketing material. For many, this process offers greater control, flexibility and pace, not to mention substantial cost saving, when compared to commissioning the services of external professionals. An integral part of this creative process is product photography. The rapid advancement of digital cameras, now offering a simple, speedy and convenient delivery of images, has also made this process a very realistic ‘in-house’ function.

However, product photography is not just a case of ‘point and shoot’. To create professional looking product images, control of the surrounding light, shadows and reflections is critical. Michael Summerfield, Managing Director of Flexion Solutions said: "Good lighting can bring your product images to life, whereas bad lighting can destroy them.” He went on to say “You cannot always be there to sell your products. When a customer is viewing your website or reading your brochure, your product photography needs to do that for you”.

Flexion solutions have developed a revolutionary new portable photographic studio called the Cubelite. It will enable businesses to master the complexities of lighting, shadows and reflections, and take professional looking, high quality, ready to use photographs, that require no time consuming retouching or manipulation. The Cubelite only takes minutes to set up, and is very easy to use even if you have little or no photographic knowledge. By simply placing products inside the specially designed cube structure, most of the lighting control is automatically taken care of, and, with a few additional adjustments made by the user, the shot will be ready to capture. The convenience and simplicity of the Cubelite system makes it easy to take images where and whenever you want – particularly useful for businesses who have a constantly changing product range and need to take photographs on a weekly if not daily basis.


The Cubelite is supplied as a kit that includes everything you need to achieve soft, subtle lighting with no unsightly shadows or reflections. All you need to add is the camera of your choice and a tripod. To cater for different sizes of product, there are three versions of the Cubelite available, a 2ft, 3ft and 4ft, costing £299.99, £349.99 and £399.99 respectively, including VAT. All three models are available to buy directly from the manufacturer, Flexion Solutions.

For more detailed information on how to set up, use, and purchase a Cubelite system please visit our website at, or telephone Flexion Solutions on 01494 583005