Animal Protection Netting

  • 4 June 2021 4:56 pm


Animal Protection Netting – our range of Animal Protection Netting recognises the fact that fruit and vegetable crops – and ornamental plants as well – are coveted by larger garden pests such as deer, rabbits, badgers, squirrels and birds. You’ll find some real heavy-duty netting here to prevent raids by these animals, such as the 50mm black polyethylene deer netting, 16mm x 16m square mesh for the sides of fruit cages and also heavy duty galvanised wire mesh to thwart rabbits – and most are available in cash saving Extra Value Saver Packs too!
Plastic Protection Netting (5 metre roll)
If you’ve ever wrestled with an uncompromising roll of rabbit wire or cut yourself on the sharp edges after eventually unrolling the wire, you’ll be extremely relieved to hear that a much easier method of keeping hungry rabbits on the right side of your allotment or veg patch has literally ‘rolled’ into town – enter our Plastic Protection Netting.

Manufactured from high strength, high density polyethylene, the 18mm x 20mm mesh netting is strong enough to deter all but the most razor-toothed of rabbits, is easy to manage and can be used as a general garden fencing or as a specific crop line of defence. This green netting will disappear into the garden vista and the 1m x 5m roll gives plenty of scope for use, leaving rabbits looking on forlornly!

• Netting an unobtrusive green colour
• Manufactured from high strength, high density polyethylene
• Excellent alternative to galvanised rabbit wire
• Supplied in 1m H x 5m L rolls
• 18mm x 20m mesh allows light air and water to pass through unhindered
• Use around the garden or fence off specific crops
• Easy to unroll and manage
• Cut to requirements with scissors or sharp knife
• Ideal for fencing or landscaping projects