100 Litre Wormery

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


This 100 Litre Wormery relies upon the help of hundreds of composting experts – worms – and is a great way to start producing your own compost at home, as well as cutting down on the household waste sent to landfill sites.

Place kitchen waste such as vegetable scraps, peelings and tea bags into the 100 litre chamber where the hungry tiger worms will gleefully munch through your offerings and produce a highly nutritious liquid – a great feed for the garden. Measures 76cm H x 61cm W x 43cm D and features include brass aeration vents, a solid separation sieve, drain tap and sealed lid to keep out flies.

This wormery can be used inthe garden or even indoorsfor faster composting duringthe winter and comes completewith everything you need toget started, including wormvoucher, bedding anddetailed instructions.

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