Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
"YOU CAN GROW!" using gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth. Extensive sustainable organic gardening information, workshops, monthly newsletter, Formal Tea Gardens, virtual tours, links/resources, and more!

Greenfields Hydroponics Stock the latest most advanced indoor gardening technology from all the leading manufacturers of hydroponics equipment.

AGT Hydroponics
Providers of state of the art hydroponics lighting products.

For tree books – For tree information.

More than just Bonsai by that famous Bonsai artist Craig Cousins. It covers books, photography and suiseki with a great Bonsai gallery. Also take a look at his forest plantings section as it is superb.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Wildlife in My Garden
Pond Life, Insects, Creatures and Birds.

James Pulham and Son were an eminent firm of Victorian landscape gardeners who specialised in the construction of picturesque rock gardens, ferneries, follies and grottos, and manufactured a fine range of terracotta and Pulhamite garden ornaments, such as vases, urns, fountains, sundials and balustrading etc

Beryl and John Saunders’s Allotment
Have been gardening since 1990 and allotment has given them tremendous pleasure

Gardening, Books and Bookcases
old-fashioned and new fangled ideas about gardening and other earthly pursuits. Gardening information, recipes, old-book library, books, and bookcases. 1945 Ministry of Agriculture’s Allotment and Garden Guides free to read online.

British Garden Writers’ Guild, an association of gardening writers, authors, photographers, TV and radio broadcasters, lecturers and allied trades.

Reckless Gardener
Online gardening magazine for the beginner – Lots of ideas!

Real Gardeners
Non profit making site set up by gardeners in the UK, with membership worldwide. Highly interactive site used to exchange tips and ideas and has many areas including a live chat room.
Paul’s Garden World
All you need to know to garden successfully.

Debby’s Garden Links
Links to UK gardening related websites, garden forum and lots of gardening tips

UK directory of links for practical gardening advice and articles.

Gardening Community


UK directory of links for practical gardening advice and articles.

UK based gardening directory

Small Town City Garden urban pictures of Gardens flowers and flower Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips
Information about gardening tips including gardening tools, gardening supplies, organic gardening, indoor gardening, container gardening, rose gardening, vegetable gardening, flower gardening, herb gardening, rose gardening, and hydroponic gardening.

Garden World

UK Gardening and garden related articles including Latin names converter.

The UK’s Hardy Plant Society was formed to foster interest in hardy herbaceous plants on the widest possible scale.It aims to give its members information about the wealth of both well and little known plants and to ensure that worthy plants remain in cultivation.

My Bonsai Tree
Learn all about bonsai trees.

Bonsai trees and bonsai accessories for sale

Ideas for gardens

A focal point for Plant Lovers, Plant Collectors and Amateur Gardeners

An excellent gardening site, including a real life garden transformation, ‘test your knowledge’, a prize winning quiz, readers own garden transformations and ‘tips and ideas’. The site also includes, E-Flowers and E-Slugs.


Offers horticultural weather forecasts

Mosses and Liverworts in Wales
A very interesting site about bryophytes in Wales and elsewhere.

My Garden
A collection of a wide range of garden plants in a small private garden through to the seasons with an emphasis on wildlife and biodiversity.

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