Sculpture in Stainless Steel and Copper from Steinworks

Matt Stein formed Steinworks Sculpture in January 2005. He studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic in 1984-87 and specialised in Sculpture. In 1991-92 he studied an Interdisciplinary MA in Art and Architecture at Canterbury.
Matt experimented with a range of styles and sculptural languages during those study years. He found sanctuary in the realm of meditative environments. Here, he was drawn to constructing both individual sculptures and sculptural spaces, which provoked a sense of calmness and serenity.
During this period Matt exhibited nationally and worked to commission. He has several permanently sited sculptures, which are all on public display.
With Steinworks Sculpture I have set out to unite contemporary design with artistic vision. “If I can make a piece of sculpture that helps me find a quiet place to be in, then I am half way there”.


Sculptures are also available in Copper – CLICK HERE to see gallery of examples

Contemporary stainless steel and copper sculpture for interiors or gardens, simple but elegant forms that complement modern garden or interior design.

This year the new range is titled Echoes, which is comprised of Flutes and Stones and Connections and Whirlwinds. This follows on from Origins and Elements before that.

Running alongside these ranges I design and produce other sculptures and bespoke designs and have titled these Blades and Elevation. My mission is to design sculptures that are harmonious to a wide range of environments and offer moments for contemplation and meditation.


Matt Stein
Steinworks Sculpture
Bristol England UK.

Tel: 0774 0677 581

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