Our Fourth Exhibition will explore the concepts behind the emotive qualities of sculpture and in particularly interaction with sculpture. We are delighted to already have secured working with a number of highly talented and inspirational artists who will be creating installation pieces throughout the garden.

For the first time we are exploring the use of sound and digital pieces and combined with other works by some of the leading and most exciting artists working today we feel that 2013 will be one of the most forward thinking and boundary pushing exhibitions of the year.

Paul explains ‘each year we have used a theme to unite the pieces of work and each year we have grown and developed. This year we are thrilled to have work by Lynn Chadwick and see Master Blacksmith Ian Gill return. One of the most exciting elements of this year is that we have been able to commission a number of site specific works, these works have been made either in direct response to the immediate landscape or using materials which form the very fabric of the garden’.
Quercus who are well known in the Five valleys for creating a range of mixed medium art have been given the Pigeon House and its surrounding areas and are busy creating a number of work who’s inspiration comes directly from the garden. Also exhibiting this year, amongst others, are Fiona Haines, Pete Moorhouse and Hans Borgonjon who recently exhibited an installation piece in Somerset.

Paul continued, ‘we are also thrilled to be able to work with local artists such as Andrew Flint and Peter Garrard, both highly inspirational artists who are with us for the first time this year. We strongly feel that artists who exhibit come back in the second or third year with new works which have been inspired by the garden and certainly that is the case with glass artist Lyn Forrester who is returning this year and Ann-Margreth Bohl who was so enchanted by the garden that she has spent much of the summer here working as an artist in residence’

Art in The Garden will also for the first time be hosting a series of art classes throughout the exhibition. The courses are all run by New Brewery Arts, and the trust is delighted to be working with such a respected Art Gallery and workshop space. Paul said ‘Having new Brewery Arts join us this year has added a whole new dimension to the exhibition and we are very much looking forward to having their input and taking the whole exhibition to the next level.
The exhibition opens on 1st August and runs for the whole month with normal garden entry admission charges applying. Visitors will be able to purchase a full colour show guide for £1 but a map of the pieces will be free.

Art in The Garden
Painswick Rococo Garden
Gloucestershire, GL6 6TH

T: 01452 813204
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