If your garden is challenging sometimes, we’ve got some more serious tools for you – garden fencing tools, pickaxes and Mattocks. What’s a mattock you ask? It’s a blade that can cut into the earth and help to break it up, as well as dig in deeply to get rid of weeds. Mattocks are also useful for creating seed drills and thinning out. Pickaxes need no introduction, we reckon, but are a handy tool for anyone tackling a neglected garden, or tackling some hard landscaping. You’ll also want to consider hole diggers if you’re building a fence – far quicker and easier than digging holes by hand.

Garden Fencing Tools Below

For garden fencing you need some specialised tools as well as some reall hard hitters – you never really know what’s below the surface until you make a start and so it is best to be fully prepared with all the tools you might need – mattocks, pick axes and hole diggers
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