Garden Designers
Good garden design has become increasingly important in recent years as houseowners want their gardens to look as beautifully created as their homes. And many welcome a little help from the professional garden designer.
Whether you want the complete makeover or just some advice on how to improve a section of the garden a designer can be invaluable to help you realise those rather vague dreams of perfect plot. You have probably been inspired by books by garden designers like John Brookes, but your own personal designer can advise on the kind of plants best suited to your garden as well as suggest where to place paths, build a pergola and hide the house across the way.

Here on The Gardening Website you will find garden designers listed both by town, city,county or region and so you can easily find a local garden designer guru. There are details of how to contact them and links where they are available and if you can, visit their own complted gardens to see what they have achieved.

Also on The Gardening Website you will find details of the landscapers who can help you with maintaining the garden glorious, and if you insist on doing it yourself, we have some fabulous garden design products to help you.
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