Make their day with a garden playhouse! Children will get so much fun from a playhouse, whether they’re playing house, shop or forts! It provides them with their very own special den, a place of their own in the garden. Just don’t be surprised if grown-ups aren’t allowed! And at the end of the day when it’s time for a bit of adult time, we’ve found they’re a great place to tidy all their toys away for an instant tidy garden! We think they’re worth every penny, as a good-quality playhouse will last for years.

Our Selection Of Garden Playhouses

Playhouses for the kids – just the thing to ensure they enjoy the garden all year round

Garden BuildingsCLICK HERE
Log Cabins – CLICK HERE
Garden Offices – CLICK HERE
Childrens Playhouses – CLICK HERE
Summerhouses – CLICK HERE
Awnings, Gazebos and Pergolas – CLICK HERE
Garden Storage – CLICK HERE
Greenhouses – CLICK HERE
Workshops – CLICK HERE
Gazebos to Party Tents – CLICK HERE
And if it looks like we might have an Indian Summer:
Indian Style Marquees – CLICK HERE

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