THE Gardening WEBSITE is THE UK’s Number One Gardening Website for buyers of gardening products and services. It is now a massive website – in excess of 40,000 pages and because of that it features for an ever increasing number of searches made by people using the web to find and purchase gardening products and services. We receive over one million hits per month and feature on all the major search engines for over thousands of gardening terms and search strings and have had clients advertising on the website for over sixteen years.

Advertising Option for Garden Centres

£199.00 per annum
Your Logo
Business name
Telephone Number and or Mobile
Link through to your Email address
Link through to your website address
Maximum two A4 pages (as a guide) of text which can describe the essentials of your business.
Link to your geographical location so that browsers can search THE Gardening WEBSITE by City / Town
Link through to your County so that browsers can search THE Gardening WEBSITE by County
Images – maximum two, guaranteed as being free of any copyright and having a maximum resolution of 100KB