Worms have always been the gardener’s friends, and they have another useful job to do. Set up a wormery introduce all your usual compost waste, and some special worms, and they’ll work away producing some of the best compost you’ve ever seen. Next year, that compost will be ready to go on your vegetable garden to help you produce some of your best crops ever! Wormeries usually look like compost bins, but we’ve also tracked down a very attractive wooden beehive-shaped models. And dog owners – this one’s for you. We’ve found a wormery that uses your dog’s poo to create compost – yes really!

Our Selection Of Wormeries Below

To help you enjoy the thrill of grow your own (we are big fans ourselves), we’ve thought of everything you might need for your own vegetable or fruit garden, found the best suppliers and the best prices – so you can concentrate on the good stuff. Enjoy!

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100 Litre Wormery
100 Litre Wormery
This 100 Litre Wormery relies upon the help of hundreds of composting experts - worms - and is a great way to start producing your own compost at home, as well as cutting down on the household waste...
Beehive Wormery
Beehive Wormery
Beehive Wormery The fantastic Beehive Wormery is now available from Earth Essentials. With 3 levels to help with disposal of kitchen and green waste, the worms will do all the work and eat your...
Black Gold Vermicast
Black Gold Vermicast
Green by Nature Worm Castings are a complete organic fertilizer that is produced naturally by earthworms. Environmentally safe for all plants, animals and humans Naturally Odour Free ...
Can-O-Worms The Can-O-Worms is an easy to use home worm bin for kitchen and green waste. It consists of multiple trays with a tap at the bottom to collect liquid.   Mounted on...
Dog Waste Wormery
Dog Waste Wormery
Dog Poo Wormery - 60 Litres The hotly anticipated dog poo wormery enables dog owners to dispose of their dog's waste. The worms will take care of the rest and turn it into a useful...
Superior Large Wormery - 332 Litres
Superior Large Wormery - 332 Litres
The Harrod Superior Large Wormery - to our knowledge - has the largest surface area of any product on themarket today. Once a wormery is up and running, thelarger its surface area, the faster the...
Worm Starter Pack
Worm Starter Pack
Worm Starter Pack Sufficient to start up any of our featured wormeries. Just add to your pre-prepared wormery, watch your waste disappear and produce a high quality vermicast, suitable...
Worm Works
Worm Works
Worm Works This compact, wormery is a smaller size for easier usage. Ideal for small scale processing of green and home waste. Drainage Tap on front Worm Starter Pack will...
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Did you know that a tonne of Earth Worms can eat a Tonne of green waste in just 1 – 4 days! Or that worms will eat human hair, denim and even dog poo!

That are just a few of the amazing facts you can discover when talking to the team at Earth Essentials. This new and very innovative independent company has recently established itself in Romsey with an extremely green and environmental ethos.

So why are they so interested in worms? And more to the point why should you be interested? What can the lowly earth worm do for you?

Well these amazing little creatures were described by Charles Darwin as the earth’s natural recyclers and that is just what they can do for you. The earthworm may be small, spineless, and blind, but its role in the ecosystem is profound. It tills the soil, destroys microscopic organisms that cause plant disease, breaks down toxins, and turns the ground into rich compost, creating the most fertile areas on earth.

Now many of us are not so keen on bugs, spider’s worms and other creepy crawlies, they may have a place in the world and are essential to the food chain and have a great number of other benefits but we usually prefer to leave them where they are.

But when it comes to worms, well that’s a different matter all together. More and more people are warming to the idea of owning a wormery, not only because they  know they are doing a huge amount for the environment by disposing of green and kitchen waste in the most efficient, clean and eco-friendly way possible but also they get a huge benefit from the bi-product of the worm castings. Earth Essentials can supply worms and wormeries, they are definitely experts when it comes to understanding how worms can make a huge difference to the difficult problems of disposing of green and kitchen waste.

Having and using a wormery will reduce waste from going to land fill and will give you a wonderful organic and 100% natural fertiliser for your garden and plants totally free! The benefits to the garden and indoor plants are tremendous. Studies in Australia have shown that the use of vermicast (worm castings or worm poo as some call it) can increase the yield in grapes and tomatoes by up to 50%. All plants, flowers, fruit, vegetables, lawns and shrubs can benefit for vermicast. A recent trial with radishes showed remarkable additional growth where vermicast was used when planting out the seedlings.

The Dendrobaena worms, normal garden worms are just not suitable; happen too really like our food and green waste, in fact they find this a true delight, like a good slap up meal on a Saturday night. Just open the lid and place your waste straight in and gradually they will devour it all.

These worms will eat almost all green garden and kitchen waste; they are not partial to onions or foods high in citric acid such as tomatoes and oranges but the do like almost everything else, including as mentioned earlier stranger things such as natural fibres, denim, cotton etc and even hair.

We are told constantly being told to reduce the amount of waste we normally throw into the general rubbish bin, to reduce our carbon foot print and generally do our bit for the environment, it may grate a bit as it can appear to be yet another means of raising taxes and a way for politicians to boss us around, but this time we get the benefit directly, not the tax man or a snooty MP telling us what we are doing wrong and how we must all do better. No, you can now control your own waste environment, you get to keep all the benefit all for yourself and without mess, smells or much effort at all.

Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada and the Unites States are far ahead of the U.K. when it comes to using worms for recycling. In New South Wales, Australia, the governments own Environmental Protection Authority is actively promoting Vermiculture (the use and management of worms) with education programmes and paid advertising to reduce the amount of waste going to land fill. We in the UK have to reduce the amount going to landfill and using methods with vermiculture which are already established elsewhere in the world is definitely the way to go. In La Joya near San Diego, USA a city of only 150,000 people, some 400 tonnes of municipal green waste per day is received and converted via Vermiculture! How good are these little creatures!

Why Compost With Worms?
Worm composting is a method for recycling food waste into a rich, dark, earth-smelling soil conditioner. The great advantage of using a wormery is that this can be done in your own garden without fuss, smells or difficulty, it is quick and the results can be seen within just a few weeks or even days. In a nutshell, worm compost is made in a container filled with moistened bedding and special Dendrobaena worms. Add your food waste for a period of time and the worms and micro-organisms will eventually convert the entire contents into rich compost normally called castings. Earth Essentials stocks Black Gold worm castings for those who do not have a wormery but would like to castings. The benefits of Black Gold worm castings to the soil are enormous including:-

• improving its physical structure;
• enriching soil in micro-organisms, adding plant hormones, enzymes;
• improving water holding capacity;
• enhancing germination, plant growth, and crop yield; and
• Improving root growth and structure.

What! They eat Dog Poo!
Worms really are amazing creatures; not only will they eat our green and kitchen waste but they are also partial to dog poo! Though it is strongly advised not to use the general domestic wormery for disposal of dog waste, the same principals apply. The worms are rather partial to dog waste and what better way to get rid of it than to use a special Dog Poo Wormery. All dog owners know the problems of disposing of dog waste; the councils do not like it in the normal rubbish bins so they are left with having to dig holes in the garden to bury it, a dog poo wormery is an ideal alternative.

The materials needed to start a vermicomposting system are simple and inexpensive. All you will need are a worm bin, the beehive wormery is ideal, bedding, water, worms, and your food scraps. Place your wormery in a convenient location, near the back door is best, leave for a few days to allow the worms to settle then start feeding as instructed in the manual which accompanies the wormery, it really is that simple.

Fisherman like worms as well!
If you are keen on fishing, you can now have FREE BAIT with your very own Eternal Bait Box, based on similar principals of the wormery the Eternal Bait Box allows the worms to breed and survive for many years giving the angler a constant supply of free bait every time you need it!

For more information contact Earth Essentials Ltd, Budds Lane industrial estate, Romsey– 01794 513951

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