Trend spotting at Tatton RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park (18-22 July 2007)

Trend spotting at Tatton RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park (18-22 July 2007)
Trend spotters will find plenty to get excited about at this year’s RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park (18 – 22 July), which proves that when it comes to the horticultural style stakes, this is the place to be.

Colour goes Hot, Hot, Hot

Fashion is full of vivid yellows and oranges this summer, but there’s one arena where colour reigns supreme and that’s an RHS flower show, and the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park promises to be aglow with zesty, tangy, citrus shades.
One theory as to why Tatton is wearing its colours in yellow and orange is that the designers have taken inspiration from last year’s sun filled show, which enjoyed glorious weather every day.  Two varieties appearing in abundance are Heleniums and Rudbeckia.

As for the gardens, a particular bright spark is Rory McVean’s ‘Quench’, which is brought to you with Hordium plants for brewing beer, and citrus trees to provide a refreshing slice for the ultimate G&T!
A Herbal Seasoning
An infusion of herbal gardens is tempting to tickle the Tatton taste buds, with a staggering six gardens exploring the properties of this horticultural all-rounder.
‘The Herbal Tea Party’ garden seeks to lift the spirits, with a selection of lemon balm, peppermint, fennel, jasmine and ginger to make a perfectly natural brew.  Whilst  ‘Taste Life in the Garden’ has been seasoned with a selection of dill, sweet basil, wild marjoram and mint to capture a culinary flavour.  And for medicinal purposes ‘Living Medicine’ demonstrates the healing power of herbs, looking for example, at how Chamomile can aid the nervous system.
With hundreds of the country’s best nurseries offering plants for sale you can take home a head full of ideas and an armful of herbs for your own garden.

The Power of Geometry

A number of Tatton designers are striving to emulate the geometric principles of perfection, purity and beauty by using a combination of straight lines, level planes and perfect circles in their work.
Geometric shapes are being used in contrast to the soft natural forms of planting, with mathematic equations being followed to provide the structure and context.  Matthew Unwin prescribes to this way of thinking in his design entitled ‘Tetrad’, whilst Joanna Phillips formally contains her planting using different sized gabions to give bold definition to her garden on behalf of Derian House Children’s Hospice.
The idea of a geometric themed garden has a simple structure, but provides plenty of inspiration for the show visitor to apply to their own garden.
Floral Fancy
Making an eye-catching appearance this year are tall florals like Kniphofia, Digitalis and Phormium, which will make a prettier and softer impact than the architectural specimens favoured in recent times.  Adding to this romantic notion is the return in abundance of some old favourites like Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ and Hydrangea.
These and lots more planting ideas will be available from more than 100 nurseries and specialist growers selling plants and providing horticultural advice to visitors.
Your Tatton Experience

Taking place at the very height of summer Tatton is where you’ll see blooms at their peak creating an overwhelming riot of luminous colour. But there is also plenty to do at Tatton as well as plenty to see.  You can take part in one of the many events featured in the RHS Talks Tent, you can enjoy a meal in one of a selection of lunch spots, or you can shop for plants, garden products, or gifts for the home.
The RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park takes place between 18 and 22 July 2007, with 18 July reserved for members.  To book tickets call 0870 842 2229 or visit <> .

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