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    Why use THE Gardening WEBSITE to promote your sculpture business?

    At 15,000 pages, over one million hits per month and being found across all the major search engines for 40,000 different gardening terms and search strings we are the UK’s Number 1 “directory” website for gardening.

    Our objective is simply to be found for as many gardening related search strings and terms across ALL the major search engines as possible. We use Google as our benchmark as it commands some 85% of the search engines.

    Google Positions for our main Garden Sculpture Categories as of 20 June 2008 are as follows:

    • Garden Sculpture = 2 on Google
    • Architectural Ironwork Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Bespoke Steel Gates = 1 on Google
    • Bronze Garden Sculptures = 1 on Google
    • Ceramic Garden Sculpture = 4 on Google
    • Fountains & Water Features = 10 on Google
    • Dream Metalwork For your Home and Garden = 1 on Google
    • Masonry Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Metal Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Plaster Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Resin Garden Sculpture = 2 on Google
    • Sculptural Metal Artwork = 1 on Google
    • Sculpture for Gardens and Business = 1 on Google
    • Sculpture for Gardens and Home = 1 on Google
    • Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture = 2 on Google
    • Steel Fence Panelling = 2 on Google
    • Stone Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Sundials Garden Sculpture = 2 on Google
    • Water Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Wire Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Wood Garden Sculpture = 1 on Google
    • Garden Sculpture Exhibitions = 2 on Google

    The software we use is leading edge search engine optimised technology which means we act like a virtual portal for gardening where we focus on the "hooks" that enable us and therefore our clients to be FOUND by searches on the web - we have over 40,000 such hooks.
    Our clients cover all aspects of gardening and horticulture and include business to business as well as business to consumer.  This means we serve BOTH the millions of surfers who use search engines to find and BUY products and services as well as providing an invaluable commercial sourcing reference within the gardening market itself. 

    This means that garden designers and landscapers, as examples, can source plants, hard and soft landscaping materials through THE Gardening WEBSITE as well of course as that all important
    garden sculpture feature. 

    THE Gardening WEBSITE includes 3,500 + Garden Centres; 300+ Garden Designers; 250 + Landscape Contractors; 700+ Garden Nurseries; over 300 British Gardens to Visit plus we are rapidly expanding this element into Europe and Internationally; 650 National Plant Collection Holders. Plus a comprehensive range of hard and soft landscaping products and services, garden tools, machinery, nurseries, specialist online gardening suppliers, gardening products, services, suppliers and major gardening brands.
    We have very close relationships with RHS, NCCPG, National Trust - we have all of their houses with gardens on THE Gardening WEBSITE; Savills where we promote "Gardens with homes FOR SALE" through to the wide spectrum of major garden centre chains, major manufacturers and suppliers.

    We attend all the major RHS Garden Shows and as many other major Gardening Exhibitions and events that we can. We tactically use paper based advertising to promote who we are and what we do at certain times of the year - using publications such as Gardeners World, The Garden, Landscaper and national broadsheets such as The Sunday Telegraph. All of these combine to drive more and more traffic to THE Gardening WEBSITE and ensure our clients are found on the web through us.

    I hope the above provides all the information that you require and that you will contact me if you need any clarification or amplification of the above points.

    Tel: 01359 233 404
    Mobile: 07973 828177

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