With the modern propensity to spend more time in our gardens, keeping our outside space looking clean and tidy becomes a priority. Sheds are the answer to storage problems in your front or back garden. A wooden, metal or plastic shed is a useful and attractive place to keep all your gardening equipment, toys, bikes and wheelie bins out of sight. You can entertain or relax in your now tidy garden with a quiet drink without worrying about clutter because it is all in your shed.

Before you order your shed you should find out whether you need planning permission to erect one in your front or back garden. The law regarding sheds varies from one area to another and the best thing to do is to contact your local planning department to see whether your plans will need agreement from your local council. Once you have a better understanding of what you can and cannot do in your front or back garden, you can start looking at the range of sheds on offer.

Wood, Metal or Plastic Sheds

When you mention garden sheds , many people of a certain age will picture a lean to at the bottom of the garden where dad kept his tools and spent his Saturday afternoons. Nowadays sheds can make an attractive addition to any garden, whether you decide on a wood, metal or plastic shed. When you start shopping around for sheds you should keep in mind the building’s purpose. Do you want somewhere to store your bikes, your wheelie bin, or an all purpose storage and work shed?

If you like pottering and have all the latest garden gadgets then one of the wooden sheds available with built in windows and shelving would be an ideal choice. Wooden sheds come in different shapes and sizes and very often have a ten year anti-rot guarantee. If you have a family who enjoy cycling, metal sheds will keep them safe and dry and out of sight.

Building a Shed

If you are thinking about building a shed then you need to ensure that you purchase sustainable timber. Look for companies and timber yards that are FSC approved is the best way of ascertaining that you are buying timber from a sustainable and reliable source. If you have timber left from a dismantled construction then it is worth recycling some of that material when it comes to building your shed.

Take care when choosing paint and varnish when you are building a shed as some contain high levels of VOC, ingredients that can pollute the air. Always check the labels on paints and varnishes and try to avoid choosing products that have hazard warnings attached. You should always go for products with the lowest amount of VOC ingredients.

Planning Permission for Sheds

As a general rule you don’t need planning permission for sheds , but check the regulations in your area. If you are erecting a single storey garden shed for storage and general pottering around it should be less than 30 square metres floor space and less than three metres high if it has a flat roof. If you have a pitched roof then the pinnacle needs to be less than four metres high.

If you check out the planning permission guidelines on sheds you will see that a shed should not take up more than half the space of the garden and any erections needs to be at least a metre away from boundaries such as the garden fence. There are further restrictions on sheds if you live in an area of significant natural beauty, a conservation area, or a national park.

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