RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 8 – 13 July 2008

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show offers an abundance of ideas to take home. With edible delights to help you grow your own, a host of gardening products to purchase, and fun activities for children, all the family can soak up the great outdoors and be inspired at this feast of a show.


Highlights at the show

Growing Tastes
Three distinct inspirational features about growing, and cooking an array of fruit and vegetables from the Mediterranean, Asia and Britian.

The Climate Change Dome
The Met Office has teamed up RHS Garden Wisley and will be presenting Climate Change and its effects on gardening in the future.

Thai Floating Market
The Tourism Authority of Thailand will be presenting this colourful spectacle, with an electric mix of colour and Thai produce along The Long Water.

Family Weekend
A variety of features and fun activities including the very first RHS Scarecrow Competition.

The Gardens:
Show Gardens
Water Gardens
Small Gardens
Conceptual Gardens
Inspiring Spaces

Other attractions:
Internationall Language of Flowers,
Plant Heritage Marquee,
Festival of Roses,
Floral Art Competition

Growing Your Own:
The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show will be filled to the brim with inspirational ideas for growing and cooking fruit and vegetables at home.

Growing Tastes Marquee in partnership with New Covent Garden Food Company
Come and marvel at the vibrant colours of the RHS Summer Fruit and Vegetable Competition, and try to resist the edible displays fresh from our exhibitors and experts.

Growing Tastes Kitchen Garden
Don’t miss the international cuisine being conjured up by renowned designer Michael Balston, who will be working with the team at RHS Garden Wisley to display three fruit and vegetable gardens inspired by Asian, Mediterranean and traditional British cuisine.

The best bit? We’ve garden experts on hand to show you how to grow some of these exotic ingredients in your own garden.

Growing Tastes Cookery Theatre in partnership with NS&I
Be intrigued by some exciting fragrances at our show  this year. Let your nose lead you to our live demonstrations theatre, a delicious new destination where you’ll meet experts from the garden world working alongside maestros from the kitchen who really can bring the new ‘plot to plate’ thinking to life.

Chefs in the Growing Tastes Cookery Theatre will be demonstrating an array of Asian, Mediterreanean and traditional British cuisine to reflect the produce grown in the kitchen garden.

In short, you’ll find nothing less than a visual feast of mouth-watering ideas to take home with you. 

Daily Mail Pavilion
Set in a wine estate in southern England, this interpretation of idyllic life in the country begins with a beautiful, rustic English vineyard.

A thatched cottage owned by the Estate Manager is surrounded by a fruit & vegetable and cutting garden, depicted by Winchester Growers. Here we see a riot of colour in improvised and informal flower beds. In contrast, Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants will create two imposing herbaceous border displays with box balls and clipped hollies, intersected by water rills, together with a conservatory display depicting Mediterranean planting. The final area of the marquee, by Cedar Nurseries, takes us to a glorious barn conversion backing onto a stately home, showing a modern interpretation of traditional living and 21st century crafts. The feeling of inside coming outdoors is experienced by the owners who cook, eat and entertain there. Nearby a donkey is housed in the owner's stables.

The overall themes are modern living married with the old world. This wonderful feature, sponsored by the Daily Mail and the RHS, really shows us how to experience the 'well-being factor'. An educational angle of environmental issues also sits within the spirit of the feature.

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Cuimhne Inspiring Gardens
"Cuimhne" Inspiring Gardens
The Irish language word Cuimhne means memory, but it can also be used to denote a memorial. It is the root of verbs to consider, to think, to reflect and to recollect. The idea is to utilise an...
Discovery Libra School
"Discovery" Libra School
The theme of this garden is a canal scene. The garden has been designed by the pupils of Libra School as an interpretation of a traditional English canal and Lock Keeper’s Cottage, complete...
Hope Boardman, Gelly and Co
"Hope" Boardman, Gelly and Co
Built for Combat Stress, ‘Hope’ is based on a question mark symbolising the unknown path that life takes and the path to recovery. The garden has three large pyramids in red, white and...
Mythago Wood Garden Mythago Wood Garden
"Mythago Wood Garden" "Mythago Wood Garden"
This is a practical design inspired by the ‘mythago’ novels of the author Robert Holdstock. The habitat is the English woodland edge, and promotes native planting and the creation of a...
Pelotee Place: Learning from Africa Send A Cow
"Pelotee Place: Learning from Africa" Send A Cow
‘Pelotee Place: Learning from Africa’ provides a glimpse into what life will be like in the UK in 2058. Land costs, population growth and world temperatures have soared, and young...
Somnium Argentum  - Conceptual Garden
"Somnium Argentum" - Conceptual Garden
Caragh Walsh This garden is intended to represent a dream-like scenario; on completion this installation could be appropriately sited within the grounds of a hotel, spa, holistic centre or a...
Southend Borough Council’s ‘Metal’ Garden Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
"Southend Borough Council’s ‘Metal’ Garden" Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
The garden is based around water issues including those of water conservation and excessive runoff and is designed to showcase planting suitable for an increasingly drier, hotter climate. The...
Sustainable Family Garden Floral and Hardy
"Sustainable Family Garden" Floral and Hardy
Designer: Helen Ellison Sponsor: Floral & Hardy Intended for a family with young children, the Sustainable Family Garden has been designed as a place for children to play and for families to...
The Copella Apple Juice Garden Sadie May Stowell
"The Copella Apple Juice Garden" Sadie May Stowell
Inspiration for this garden is drawn from an apple orchard environment. The main function is to provide visual relaxation and enjoyment, and an adult space in which to relax and entertain. The...
The Edible Playground Dorset Cereals
"The Edible Playground" Dorset Cereals
This garden showcases a 2008 national campaign sponsored by Dorset Cereals called ‘Edible Playgrounds’. This initiative seeks to inspire and encourage schools to develop small, productive...
The Green Room Brandwidth/Holiday Inn
"The Green Room" Brandwidth/Holiday Inn
This garden is designed to demonstrate ways to improve your living space and make the most of your surroundings by literally bringing the outdoors inside. Visitors will be taken on a journey to...
The Homebase Room with a View Homebase Ltd
"The Homebase Room with a View" Homebase Ltd
Inspired by the Ionic Temple at Rievaulx Terrace in North Yorkshire, this is an ornamental garden for a professional couple with school age children. The layout has classical overtones, blended with...
The Magic Garden Dial-a-flight
"The Magic Garden" Dial-a-flight
This is a magical fantasy garden for children and adults alike. Via a wardrobe, pushing past coats, you enter a woodland garden inspired by Narnia. Its aim is to take you into a winter woodland...
Three in One Garden Garden Friendly Brothers Ltd
"Three in One Garden" Garden Friendly Brothers Ltd
The ‘Three in One Garden’ combines an edible garden, a family garden, and an adult contemporary garden all within the boundaries of a typical urban space. A decked area will be used...
Back To The Future: Learning From Africa - Send a Cow’s show garden
Back To The Future: Learning From Africa - Send a Cow’s show garden
Unlock the eco-gardening secrets of the future by visiting Send a Cow’s garden at Hampton Court Flower Show It’s 2058. The global climate has changed. And so have the ideal UK home...
Celebration of Sound with Widex
Celebration of Sound with Widex
This garden explores the importance of sound in the garden in order to help people appreciate and celebrate the sounds that are around them. The garden represents a typical suburban courtyard...
Convergence of the Elements - The Down to Earth Partners Ltd
Convergence of the Elements - The Down to Earth Partners Ltd
‘Convergence of the Elements’ is a simple, modern landscape representing the elements of air, earth, water and fire. The garden provides movement, scent and ‘life’ within a...
Distraction - A Hospice Garden Walkers Garden Retreats
Distraction - A Hospice Garden Walkers Garden Retreats
Mark Walker Garden & Design ‘Distraction - A Hospice Garden’ is intended to provide residents with a place for contemplation and an area to lift the spirits. The focal point of the...
Formal Elements Noel Duffy
Formal Elements Noel Duffy
Designed as an extension of the modern city lifestyle, the Formal Elements garden is influenced by the formality and style of a chic city apartment. The design is inspired by clean lines and modular...
Future Garden London Wildlife Trust and Royal Parks
Future Garden London Wildlife Trust and Royal Parks
‘Future Garden’ demonstrates a garden 50+ years in the future, including some new wildlife we might expect to find in the UK as a result of climate change eg. Camberwell Beauty Butterfly,...
Guruve unique contemporary african art
Guruve unique contemporary african art
Guruve specialises in unique contemporary stone sculpture from Zimbabwe We promote the very best in contemporary African art, finding talented young artists and bringing their work to a wider...
Horsey, Horsey Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College Nicola Ludlow-Monk
Horsey, Horsey Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College Nicola Ludlow-Monk
To celebrate the working life of a Sussex farmer, this is a garden that is suitable for a person to retire to. The garden has references to his profession in an imaginative way where the horse...
Inspiring Spaces
Inspiring Spaces
“Checkmate?” Bishops Waltham Garden Club The base is constructed of materials treated and laid to form a chessboard. And ceramic or terracotta pots will be painted black and white...
Nature Will Improvise English Heritage Gardens
Nature Will Improvise English Heritage Gardens
‘Nature Will Improvise’ creates an environment to be enjoyed with nature. The hard landscaping blends into the planting, and lets nature encroach. For example natural York Stone paving is...
Papillon Pavilion Bespoke Gardens
Papillon Pavilion Bespoke Gardens
Designer: Andrew Marson The word pavilion comes from ‘papilio’, the Latin word for butterfly, and this is what has inspired the Papillon Pavilion garden. Designed to help man and...
Pulsations - Metagardens
Pulsations - Metagardens
The main purpose of this garden is to demonstrate the possibilities of digital tools and new manufacturing techniques applied to a 21st century urban plot. A recycled polystyrene foam surface, cut by...
Sadolin Four Seasons Garden - Sadolin Wood Care - Helen Williams
Sadolin Four Seasons Garden - Sadolin Wood Care - Helen Williams
This contemporary garden is designed as a relaxing area that looks good and can be used all year. The plants chosen ensure the garden has interest throughout the four seasons, and is attractive to...
Samaritans: Breathing Space... Thinking Place - Catherine Kenny Garden Design and Wendy Allen Designs
Samaritans: Breathing Space... Thinking Place - Catherine Kenny Garden Design and Wendy Allen Designs
This garden reflects the ethos of Samaritans, a charity where an individual is given space and time to be listened to, without judgement, in order that they can start to find a way through even the...
Shade Loving Jonathan Walton
Shade Loving Jonathan Walton
The overall purpose of this design is to provide a shady, cool and tranquil space to relax in. Inspired by the dappled shade that spills down through a natural woodland tree canopy, vines have been...
Shade of Barragan Plumpton College
Shade of Barragan Plumpton College
Andrea Fawcett Philippart Inspired by the work of the Mexican architect Luis Barragan, this garden is an interpretation of the values he applied in his work and by which he achieved elegant...
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