RHS Chelsea Flower Show 20th - 24th May 2014

. 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

20 - 21 May RHS members only
22 - 24 May RHS members and non-members
Time: 21 - 24 May 8am-8pm
24 May 8am-5.30pm (sell off starts at 4pm)

Venue: Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London

Champagne corks fly at 2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

Champagne will be flowing as the Laurent-Perrier garden has won both RHS Gold and Best Show Garden in the 101st year of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, sponsored by M&G Investments. The award is Luciano Giubbilei’s third RHS Gold medal at RHS Chelsea.

Six Show Gardens were awarded RHS Gold Medals at the world-famous flower show, with seven Silver-Gilt and one Silver and Bronze respectively. The Champagne Laurent-Perrier Garden is the 16th garden from the family-owned Champagne house.

Alex Denman, RHS Head of Shows Development, said: “The RHS Chelsea Flower Show stands for the highest levels of horticultural excellence, and the exhibitors this year have demonstrated their incredible level of knowledge and ability with their fantastic exhibits.

“The achievement of Laurent-Perrier is fantastic. The attention to detail and evocative feel of the stunning garden from Luciano is a great tribute to his skill as well as the growers and landscapers who have contributed to their garden.”

Hugo Bugg, the designer behind the RBC Waterscape Garden won his first ever RHS Gold medal at RHS Chelsea. Cleve West also won a RHS Gold medal for his Persian paradise inspired show garden for M&G Investments, as did Charlotte Rowe for the ABF The Soldier’s Charity Garden and Adam Frost for the Homebase Garden.

The Mind’s Eye, designed for RNIB was awarded the title of Best Fresh Garden*. The garden represents images or scenes which can be captured without the need for sight. Togenkyo - A Touch of Paradise achieved an RHS Gold Medal and the title of Best Artisan Garden** for their garden inspired by the fable of Togenkyo, a place of beautiful scenery that helps people to forget their troubles but once visited can never be revisited.

Over half of the nurseries and growers within the Great Pavilion, the floral heart of the show, achieved RHS Gold Medals for their displays. The Diamond Jubilee Award for the best display in the Great Pavilion which was introduced in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, was awarded to South West in Bloom for their display celebrating 50 years of RHS Britain in Bloom.

Birmingham City Council has been awarded the President’s Award*** for their display of Remembrance commemorates the start of World War I 1914. The garden, with its trench and ‘cannon water feature’, and was one of the exhibits Her Majesty the Queen visited. The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANB) – Kirstenbosch, with their display of South African wildflowers, were among the 32 exhibits in the Great Pavilion awarded a RHS Silver Gilt medal. Pennard Plants also won an RHS Silver Gilt for their The Gardeners have all gone! 1914 – 1918 exhibit.

Another Great Pavilion exhibit, the Botanic Nursery, were awarded an RHS Gold medal, for the display of their national collection of Digitalis (foxgloves), a flower which was used extensively throughout the show gardens at this year’s show. Walkers Bulbs who launched their ‘Georgie boy’ daffodil yesterday also won RHS Gold.

The Laurent-Perrier garden has won both RHS Gold and Best Show Garden in the 101st year of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Exhibitor: Laurent-Perrier UK Ltd
Garden Name: The Laurent-Perrier Garden
Sponsor(s): Laurent-Perrier UK Ltd Designer(s): Luciano Giubbilei
Contractor: Crocus
Exhibitor website:
Exhibitor address: France
Media contact name: Hannah Clifford
Media contact email: Media contact number: 020 7257 6470 / 07734 432 696


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

The Laurent-Perrier Garden has been designed to reflect the idea of physical composition through layering. It continues Luciano Giubbilei’s interest in texture, form and light and it explores the idea of physical composition through layering.

It is a cool, contemplative garden showing how the more natural elements interplay with a simple geometric layout. The intention is to invite the visitor to explore the concept of stillness and movement through the relationship created between the contrasting forms and materials that the garden is composed of.


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

The garden is formed by a series of defined layers and the planting is made up of delicate forms alongside stronger bolder leaves: the walls are a combination of metal patina and raw concrete; the stone surfaces have contrasting finishes; the flow and reflection of water gives life and movement to the garden. Ursula von Rydingsvard’s arresting, timeless forms, constructed in roughly hewn layers of cedar, contribute to the garden’s exploration of composition and texture.

Exhibitor: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
Garden Name: No Man’s Land: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity Garden to Mark the Centenary of World War One
Sponsor(s): Bechtel, Coutts Designer(s): Charlotte Rowe Contractor: Outdoor Options Plants supplied by: Kelways Plants
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Wendy Searle
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 0845 504 0658 / 07854 497128

The No Man’s Land garden marks the centenary of the First World War which takes place in 2014. It reflects on how the damaging effects of the war were felt, not only by the people involved and their families, but also by the landscape on which the battles were fought. The garden was inspired by the haunting images of the war depicted by artists who fought in WWI such as John and Paul Nash.

The garden is a modern day representation of the landscape of 1914 and serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges and suffering faced by soldiers 100 years ago. The title ‘No Man’s Land’ not only reflects the historic experience, but also has resonance today. Any soldier, veteran or their family can find themselves in a modern day ‘No Man’s Land’ and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity exists to support those soldiers in times of greatest need.

The aim of this garden is to remember the conflict and reflect on how the landscape of the Western Front which, though changed forever, has regenerated and ‘healed.’ This is a metaphor for the effect of war on the human body and spirit and its capacity to recover.

The planting is separated into distinct zones: a native and naturalised hedgerow; rough grass with some down-land planting; open woodland with low level planting; waterside and marginal planting; and a lost gardens area with a mix of ornamental and low level ground cover planting.

This is the first garden that Charlotte Rowe has designed for an RHS Show.

Exhibitor: Auderset & Fischer Garden Name: The Extending Space
Designers: Nicole Fischer and Daniel Auderset Contractor: PC Landscapes
Plants supplied by: Roger Platts
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Jane Southcott
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 01275 852026

The Extending Space garden is inspired by the variety of landscapes found within the protected Pfyn Forest National Park in the Swiss Valais region, which is not only one of Europe’s last remaining large pine forests but also home to one of the most significant and diverse meadowlands in Switzerland.

The garden explores the spatial experience found in the forest edge where views are framed and enveloped by trees and shrubs which then recede to offer glimpses of distant wildflower meadows and the river and lake beyond. The hard landscaping in the garden design is used to heighten this overall spatial experience. The focal point is a striking Pine pergola which emerges organically from the hedging and uses the widening space between the beams to create an extending perspective.

There is a variety of planting which highlights the diversity of some of the plant species found in the microclimates of Pfyn Forest National Park, from the pine forest floor through to those on the Rho?ne flooded wildflower meadows and the warm and dry plains.

Designers Daniel Auderset and Nicole Fischer are both recently qualified in garden design at Inchbald School of Design. This is their first ever show garden.

Exhibitor: Bartholomew Landscaping and Stoke-on-Trent City Council Partnership Garden Name: Positively Stoke-on-Trent
Designer(s): Bartholomew Landscaping and Stoke-on-Trent City Council Contractor: Bartholomew Landscaping
Exhibitor address: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Media contact name: Jeremy Herbert
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 01782 232621


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

The ‘Positively Stoke-on-Trent’ garden concept was prepared by the City Council Team and will be developed and delivered by Bartholomew Landscaping. It represents a city with a new clarity of purpose and new sources of energy. It draws on the city’s natural resources and plugs directly into the new dynamics and a new era of growth.

The garden’s clear lines, circuits, solar panels and high-tech materials, reflect the technological revolution. The glass pavilion reflects water, earth and air: the city’s emerging sustainable energy ambitions.

The planting is inspired by nature’s re-colonisation of Stoke-on-Trent, reconnecting the city to nature and a cleaner and greener future. The garden conveys Stoke-on-Trent’s energy as a dynamic and creative place of opportunity for all.

Birch, Amelanchier, grasses, ferns and flowering perennials create a naturalised woodland feel which gradually transforms to a more formal style with ornamental plants delivering the simplicity and beauty of a future proofed urban garden environment. Edible landscapes are blossoming in the city and the garden will include plants such as wild strawberry to reflect this productive theme.

Exhibitor: Bord Na Mona
Garden Name: Vital Earth: The Night Sky Garden
Sponsor(s): Bord Na Mona Designer(s): Harry and David Rich Contractor: Rich Landscapes
Plants supplied by: Dingle Nurseries
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: Bridgewater, Somerset
Media contact name: Kate Newton
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 01889 598600 / 07768 714406

Vital Earth: The Night Sky Garden has been designed as a space for Beechwood College, in Cardiff, and not only provides an opportunity for star gazing, but also a connection to the natural landscape. The Rich brothers’ design is inspired by star constellations and the different forms and elements of a star. The garden will be a naturalistic, calm environment where the children can learn about both land and space. The garden also aims to raise awareness of light pollution affecting our ability to see the sky at night.

The garden contains two circular pools which represent black holes and reflect the night sky, as well as an oak structure with indoor space and a rooftop platform which is accessed by a spiral staircase and is suitable for relaxing and viewing the night’s sky.

A range of different sized boulders protrude from the garden, resembling fallen meteors, while the planting has been chosen to echo the spiralling Milky Way with blues, whites, purples and oranges. Anthriscus sylvestris, acanthus hungaricus, tiarella cordifolia and digitalis purpurea albiflora help create a white, starry effect with tones of salvia verticillata and achillea walther funcke. The cloud-like, solid form of Buxus sempervirens allows the transition between the harsh stone and soft planting, subtly linking the two.

Serpentine stone walls provide a subtle structure to the space and the boundary hedge draws back to reveal irregular copper discs contrasting against the dark backdrop and resembling star constellations in the night’s sky.

The garden is sponsored by Bord Na Mo?na, Ireland’s leading environmentally responsible integrated utility provider. The company drives initiatives in green electricity, fuels, resource recovery, water and horticulture, where it leads the way in peat reduction.

David (23) and Harry (26) are two of the youngest RHS Chelsea garden designers at this year’s Show having previously designed gardens at RHS Flower Show Cardiff in 2012 winning a Silver-Guilt medal and the title of ‘Best Show Garden’; BBC Gardeners’ World Live in 2012; and RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013 winning a Gold medal for their Un Garreg (One Stone) garden.

The garden will be relocated to Beechwood Autistic College following the Show.

Exhibitor: BrandAlley UK
Garden Name: The BrandAlley Renaissance Garden
Sponsor(s): BrandAlley UK
Designer(s): Paul Hervey-Brookes
Contractor: Big Fish Landscapes
Plants supplied by: Hillier, Chichester Trees & Shrubs, Practicality Brown, Coblands
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Kristina Laslett
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 0207 565 6631 / 07768035314


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

Inspired by designer Paul Hervey-Brookes’ time working on the restoration of a Renaissance garden in Italy, the overall theme of The BrandAlley Renaissance Garden is about creating the ultimate aspirational lifestyle experience.

The garden is principally inspired by three Renaissance gardens on the Italian Riviera: Palazzo Doria Tursi, Villia Cambiaso and Villa Durazzo Centurione.

Formal in its appearance, the garden draws elements from the three major evolutions in garden design from the Renaissance period including the early Renaissance use of clipped hedges to create rooms; the Imperial Renaissance use of formal sculpture and buildings; and the late Renaissance idea of water play in grotto fountains and jets. A key feature of the garden is the bespoke casts of busts, created in Rome, to accentuate the Italian revival theme.

The selected plants are based on what would authentically be found in Italy whilst being suitable for cultivation in the UK. The colour scheme is intended to capture the harmonious balance of both the romantic atmosphere and the formality found in the Renaissance gardens that have directly inspired the design. Clipped hedges and structural plants (Buxus, hornbeam, Cypress and Alnus) give the garden the formal and identifiable feel, while soft lilac, purples, pinks and creamy white colours are picked up in the flowers and foliage plants used (Anchusa italica, Digitalis, Malva, Sanguisorba, Daucus), to create the sense of romanticism associated with the Italian Renaissance.

BrandAlley first exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2010 with the Naturally Fashionable Garden designed by Nick Dexter and designer Paul Hervey-Brookes returns to RHS Chelsea Flower Show to design his second BrandAlley garden. He has previously created gardens for Bradstone in 2010 and the RNIB in 2011, which won a Silver and Silver- Gilt Medal respectively.

Exhibitor: Brewin Dolphin
Garden Name: The Brewin Dolphin Garden
Sponsor(s): Brewin Dolphin Designer(s): Matthew Childs Contractor: Bowes and Wyer Contracts Plants supplied by: Hortus Loci
Media contact name: Sarah Keane / Bridget O’Connor
Media contact email: / Media contact tel no: 020 3201 3108 / 020 3201 3330
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London


The Brewin Dolphin Garden, created by Matthew Childs, captures the tranquillity and calmness of a fresh morning. The garden is about possibilities and nurturing potential for the future. The still, restful spaces surrounded by fresh, lush planting reflect Brewin Dolphin’s long heritage of cultivating and preserving wealth. Archways, generous paths and sculpture are all symbolic of future opportunities set within a peaceful space.

The garden is designed in a contemporary way for a professional couple to provide them with a place in which to relax. It features bold, engaging elements such as patinated copper archways and a specially commissioned sculpture designed by Peter Brooke-Ball.

The planting is a fresh colour palette of greens, yellows, whites and creams with a delicate mix of perennials, ferns, hostas and grasses. These weave beneath the dappled canopies of multi-stemmed Betula nigra and Acer and are punctuated with the dense, loosely globe-like forms of Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana'. As with the hard landscaping, there are contrasts in mood within the planting with accents of claret and purple which symbolise preserved wealth from a nurtured approach. Although not designed to be specifically from one geographic area, there are strong Asiatic influences within the planting scheme.

In 2012 Matthew Childs achieved a Gold medal and the 'Best in Category' award for his first RHS garden Light at the End of the Tunnel at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

The garden was inspired by his recovery from having been injured in the London Bombings of 7 July 2005. In 2013 Matthew returned to RHS Hampton Court, designing a Show Garden for Ecover which was awarded a Gold medal and ‘Best Show Garden’. The Brewin Dolphin Garden 2014 will be Matthew’s first appearance at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Garden design and horticulture students from KLC School of Design and Kew Gardens will be helping to plant the garden.

Exhibitor: Cloudy Bay
Garden Name: Cloudy Bay Sensations Garden
Sponsor(s): Cloudy Bay
Designer(s): Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson Contractor: Outdoor Room
Plants supplied by: Hortus Loci
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Gavin McWilliam / Maria Ines Pina
Media contact email: / Media contact tel no: 0203 002 6601 / 0207 8084410

Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson have designed the Cloudy Bay Sensations Garden to reflect the tasting notes of the Cloudy Bay wines. Using this as the basic concept, planting and flower colours, perfumes and textures are used to visualise the sensations experienced when drinking the wine.

Flower colour is used to create a splash of sensational shades across the garden. Deep blackberry notes contrast with raspberry reds and softer pinks, drifting into frothy whites and pale gooseberry tones. Roses, irises and peonies create intense colour depth and perfumes, set against a simple palette of oak and hazel coppice, woodland grasses and sweet woodruff. Gooseberry, raspberry and redcurrant are dotted through the naturalistic planting. To the front of the garden the colour planting drifts into soft ornamental grasses and bulbs. A specimen medlar and a pomegranate create foreground interest.

Oak and charred oak are combined with limestone surfaces and sparkling water to complete the design as a garden of sensory delight. Tall oak panels create a sense of elegance and oak and hazel coppice with woodland fruit contrast the drama of the colour swathe that splashes across the garden.

Since forming Wilson McWilliam Studio in 2005, Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson have won numerous national and international awards for their work, including winning Cloudy Bay a Silver-Gilt at RHS Chelsea 2013 for the Cloudy Bay Discovery Garden.

Exhibitor: The Telegraph
Garden Name: The Telegraph Garden
Sponsor(s): The Telegraph Garden
Designer(s): Tommaso del Buono – Del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Design Contractor: Crocus
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Emily Dufton / Charlotte Cornwell / Olivia Pay / Sheila Thompson Media contact email: / / /
Media contact tel no: 0207 931 2171 (Emily) / 0207 932 1599 (BLJ)

Tommaso del Buono has designed an Italian garden for the modern era, combining some of the guiding principles of Italy’s great historical tradition, re-interpreted in a 21st century idiom. The inspiration for the garden was revisiting the components traditionally found in the great historical Italian gardens to create a bold and uncompromising modern garden. The function of the space is to create a peaceful and beautiful environment to be enjoyed, in which one can rest and relax.

All the plants included within the garden are both appropriate and suitable for the conditions typically found in the north of Italy – the garden will be enclosed on two sides by a Bay (Laurus nobilis) hedge and shaded at both ends by the canopy of 12 ‘roof trained’ Plane trees (Platanus acerifolia).

The sunken area at the heart of the garden will be punctuated by domes of clipped box (Buxus sempervirens) and Osmanthus burkwoodii, softened by a range of herbaceous plants in deep blues, lime green with a touch of deep pink.

Exhibitor: First Touch
Garden Name: A Garden for First Touch at St George’s
Sponsor(s): St George's Hospital Trust, Landscape Associates and Tendercare Nursery Designer(s): Patrick Collins
Contractor: LDC Limited/Designscape UK Ltd
Plants supplied by: Tendercare / Quercus Plant Procurement
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Patrick Collins
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 07792 930303

A Garden for First Touch at St George’s is inspired by the strength and determination shown by premature babies and their families on their often long and difficult journeys.

The main feature of the garden is a water course which flows through a stylised valley and represents the journey that premature babies and their families follow. It has a turbulent source, but becomes gentler further downstream as the journey progresses. On either side sculptural terraces, representing contours in the landscape, are planted with a variety of alpines and herbaceous perennials.

The colour scheme is pink, mauve and purple. However the colour and textural qualities of foliage is also very important. Key plants include dwarf mountain pines (Pinus mugo) and river birch (Betula nigra).The garden also features a living wall which uses the latest hydroponic technology which is a very efficient and clean process for growing living walls.

The garden will be built with the help of students from St George’s Medical School as well as the parents of some of the children who were born on the neonatal unit.

Patrick Collins returns to RHS Chelsea for the sixth time. He has previously designed four Gold medals winning gardens including last year’s First Touch Garden in the Fresh Category.

Patrick’s own daughter was born very prematurely and spent her first four months on the neonatal unit at St George’s. The work of First Touch and the dedication of the doctors and nurses and other staff have inspired him to design this garden as a celebration of the work they do.

Exhibitor: Help for Heroes
Garden Name: Hope on the Horizon
Sponsor(s): David Brownlow
Designer(s): Matthew Keightley
Contractor: Farr & Roberts
Plants supplied by: The Palm Centre & Treetop Landscapes
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: Sailisbury, Wiltshire
Media contact name: Charlotte Ashton
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 0845 054 7524


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

Hope on the Horizon represents the complex and progressive path towards recovery experienced by wounded, injured and sick personnel, veterans and their families. The Help for Heroes ethos is to inspire, enable and support those heroes during their recovery and to draw inspiration from their journey from damaged and distressed beginnings, to strong and confident hope-filled futures.

Granite blocks represent the soldiers’ physical being and the planting represents their mental being. Both evolve through the garden from a rough, unfinished, over-grown beginning through to a perfectly sawn, structured end.


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

An avenue of hornbeams draws the attention through the entire garden to a sculpture resembling a hopeful horizon; a reminder to the soldiers that they all have a bright future ahead. As well as areas to recline and reflect, the garden offers focal points all the way through.

Cool, calming colours are used throughout, helping to emphasise the fact that it will be a serene, contemplative space. The planting will flow from white through to blues and purples, using such plants as Acanthus mollis, Agapanthus 'Peter Pan', Digitalis purpurea, Geranium 'Johnson's Blue', Helleborus argutifolius, Lupinus 'Gallery Blue', and Tulipa 'Double Maureen'. Structural specimens, such as Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ and Buxus sempervirens, will represent the soldiers’ regimented nature.

After the Show, the garden will be moved and set within the grounds at Help for Heroes Chavasse VC House in Colchester, Essex. The garden will offer a serene, peaceful haven to contemplate and inspire a bright future and to support the challenging journey to recovery.

Matthew Keightley (29) began his landscape design career at the age of 17. His international experience includes garden consultations and designs in Paris and Cairo, as well as Perth, Australia. From the modern, urban spaces of Chelsea and Kensington in London, to the expansive, traditional and Kent countryside and Henley-on-Thames riverbanks. This will be his first RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden.

The concept was inspired as a result of Matthew’s brother’s involvement with the armed forces, having served on four tours to Afghanistan and due for his fifth next year. This, paired with his admiration for the work Help for Heroes do, was the starting point for his design work.

Exhibitor: Homebase
Garden Name: The Homebase Garden – Time to Reflect
Sponsor(s): Homebase Designer(s): Adam Frost Contractor: Outdoor Room
Exhibitor website:
Exhibitor address: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Media contact name: Sharon Barclay
Media contact email: Media contact tel no: 01908 603 462 / 07768 818323

Designer Adam Frost has themed The Homebase Garden - Time to Reflect on memories, and has taken inspiration from his father’s passion for stone, water, wildlife and the countryside. The design demonstrates how a person’s memories can inspire a family garden and provide a gentle space to find, discover and enjoy each other’s company. The garden, which uses natural and crafted stonework, is intended to provide a multi-generational area as somewhere to experience the living world and spend time gardening, cooking or just relaxing.

Copper is showcased in the rills that snake down through the garden and references a copper mine, feeding water from the top arbour down through two pools, which also attract wildlife. The different levels help to create a sense of movement with boulders creating a second pathway through the garden.

The heather-clad gazebo roof undulates as a reflection of the moors and provides somewhere to shelter, cook together as a family, and enjoy the views of the garden. Other views can be enjoyed from the sculpted timber seating which have been inspired by a simple seed pod. The planting is ornamental and wildlife-friendly, evoking memories of time spent in the English countryside.

Adam Frost returns to RHS Chelsea following a Gold medal win for Homebase with his design for Sowing the Seeds of Change in 2013.
Homebase launched a ground-breaking Garden Academy Scheme in September 2013 to help raise the profile of a career in gardening and to inspire young people to get into gardening.

Fourteen, young apprentices will experience the following whilst on the 10 month scheme:
• Based in a Homebase transformation store learning Garden retailing and confidence to
• 1 day per month with Adam Frost, learning about planning and design
• 1 day per month with a specially selected partner/supplier to develop product knowledge
• 1 day per month in a classroom at RHS Wisley, learning the trade with the successful
candidate’s gaining RHS level 1 Award in practical horticulture

In addition to successfully completing the scheme, candidates will be given £1,000 and a job in a Homebase ‘garden transformation store’. The best of the class will go on to help Adam build the Chelsea 2014 garden.

Exhibitor: M&G Investments Garden Name: The M&G Garden
Sponsor(s): M&G Investments Designer(s): Cleve West Contractor: Swatton Landscape Plants supplied by: Hortus Loci Ltd
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Iman Asante / Tori Dance
Media contact email: / Media contact tel no: 020 7548 2079 / 0207 221 7883


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

Award-winning designer, Cleve West returns to RHS Chelsea with a contemporary interpretation of the ‘Paradise Garden’ to show that the earliest ideas of what defined outdoor ‘Paradise spaces’ still hold true in English gardens today. He seeks to blend timeless aspects of ancient garden design whilst drawing on the established canon of British planting and craftsmanship.

The concept of the ‘Paradise Garden’ was invented by the Persians more than 1,000 years ago and used water, shade and planting for sanctuary and contemplation. The garden acknowledges the continuing influence of this theme and celebrates the ideas of early civilisations that still hold true today.

The design is part of a larger garden and contains a tall centrepiece in the shape of an octagonal fountain within a sunken base and constructed from traditional British materials such as Bath limestone and flint. Its water flows into four rills, through a stone-edged sunken terrace and into an octagonal perimeter.

Behind the fountain, flanked by yew hedging, is a stone relief depicting the designer’s interpretation of the Tree of Life. Painstakingly engraved in five panels the limestone feature stands two and a half metres in height and is four metres across. It portrays only the tree’s roots reaching out to the planting below, giving life to The M&G Garden. The relief also symbolises the roots of many gardens throughout the world, including traditional English gardens that have been derived from the ancient paradise gardens of Persia, Italy and Greece.

Arithmetic and ancient science inform other aspects of the design. The number four – representing the classical elements of earth, water, air and fire – is acknowledged. Around the fountain are four trees, with each tree sitting in a bed of planting made up of perennials, bulbs and grasses including acanthus, melica, centranthus and bupleurum.
Either side of the fountain and the four trees are limestone steps rising to large gravel beds with bay balls and rosemary, providing the structure among which perennials, bulbs and herbs jostle for position.

Key flora are; English Yew (Taxus baccata), Hairy Canary Clover (Dorycnicum hirsutum), Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Hairy Melic (Melica ciliata), Bear’s Breeches (Acanthus ‘Rue Ledan’), Silver Mound (Artemisia schmiidtiana), Centaurea ‘Phoenix Hybrids’, Dianthus carthusianorum ‘Miss Farrow’, Gillenia trifoliata, Purple Toadflax (Linaria purpurea), Senecio polyodon, Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Euphorbia ‘Compton Ash’, Mint (Mentha sp.) and Thyme (Thymus sp.).

The garden is yet another showcase of how British garden design has evolved, but with many recurring trends that have stood the test of time; an approach that upholds M&G Investments’ own company values.

Cleve West has won a total of seven RHS Gold Medals (four at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show) and three awards for innovative garden design. His 2008 garden for Bupa at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show won the RHS People's Choice award and more recently, Cleve has won the coveted Best Show Garden two years in succession for The Daily Telegraph in 2011 and Brewin Dolphin in 2012.

Exhibitor: Royal Bank of Canada
Garden Name: RBC Waterscape Garden – Embrace the Rain
Sponsor(s): Royal Bank of Canada
Designer(s): Hugo Bugg
Contractor: Himalayan Landscaping & Landscape Associates Plants supplied by: Hortus Loci
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: London
Media contact name: Timi Oni / Katy Aalto
Media contact email: / Media contact tel no: 0770 273 4122 / 0753 175 6856


(Copyright Credit RHS / Neil Hepworth)

For the fourth year in a row, Royal Bank of Canada returns to RHS Chelsea Flower Show, this time with the RBC Waterscape Garden – Embrace the Rain, a contemporary garden which illustrates global water issues while demonstrating practical solutions for home gardeners and commercial landscapes.

Hugo Bugg’s design shows how water management features which occur in nature can be replicated in bold and innovative ways. Mimicking the natural watershed, water will be directed through the garden at different gradients and speeds. Drawing on inspiration from the parched effects caused by extreme global weather, the design is layered with naturally- occurring geometric patterns. The resulting angles expose and conceal sections of the garden, enticing visitors to walk round and through the space to find out more.

The garden will include innovative and sustainable concrete applications, showcasing a new moulding procedure and resulting in dramatic and creative surfaces.

Blues, lime-greens and yellows are predominant colours in the planting scheme including Iris bullyana, Iris robustra ‘Gerald Darby’, Euphorbia 'Whistleberry Garnet' and Geum 'Lemondrops'. A variety of plants will have different roles in the garden's filtration, rain garden, and retention pools, inviting unusual combinations and contrasts including Juncus inflexus, Lysimachia atropurpurea 'Beaujolais' and Amsonia tabernaemontana.

The garden showcases storm water management and alternatives to lawn and traditional paving. In retaining water, opportunities for biodiversity will be increased - for example, frogs and newts. There will be a range of trees, grasses and herbaceous perennials which will attract, give shelter to, and provide food for birds and insects.

The RBC Waterscape Garden will be Hugo Bugg’s first RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden. Hugo (26) was named Young Designer of the Year in 2010 with his designs winning two gold medals at RHS flower shows including RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011 and RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2010 where he also won ‘Best Show Garden’. RBC has sponsored gardens at RHS Chelsea for the last three years winning them a Gold and two Silver-Gilt medals.

The design is in keeping with the aims of the goals of RBC Blue Water Project - a wide- ranging, 10-year global commitment to help protect the world’s fresh water resources. The initiative focuses on supporting projects that help protect water in towns, cities and urbanized areas.

The intention is for the garden to be relocate into Myatt’s Fields Park, London, by Streetscape, the Landscape charity and social enterprise. Here the garden will act as both a showcase for urban water management and as a working educational tool for local young landscape apprentices. It will be used as a community garden and for hosting open days and corporate volunteering events.

Exhibitor: Kate Gould Gardens
Garden Name: From the Moors to the Sea
Sponsor(s): RHS Garden
Designer(s): Alan Titchmarsh and Kate Gould
Contractor: Mark Gregory Landform Consultants
Plants supplied by: Kelways, Deepdale and Europlants UK Ltd
Exhibitor website: Exhibitor address: Radlett, Hertfordshire
Media contact name: Jean Ralph / Wendy Bull
Media contact email: / Media contact tel no: 01727 751 878

The garden is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of RHS Britain in Bloom and of Alan’s own 50 years in horticulture. The garden itself is split into two distinct areas, a raised upper section of moorland with wild turf and flowers, native hedging and Pine and Birch trees linked by a gently meandering stream to a lower coastal section where nature has been tamed to create a private haven. Palms and large shrubs provide privacy and some shade against the rocky backdrop and a small beach hut creates shelter and a place to sit and reflect.

The moorland contains native plants most of which are small and interesting and attract wildlife; Sanicula, Mercurialis and Sundews are woven through a rough turf and meadow grass tapestry through which ferns and tussock forming grasses provide larger punctuation. The coastal garden is by contrast an actively gardened space with plants that will thrive in the mild climate by the sea: Echium, Agapanthus, Cordyline australis, Teucrium and Kniphofia to name a few.

Kate Gould has appeared at the Chelsea Flower show in six previous years, winning 3 Gold medals, 2 Silver Gilt and 1 Silver medal.
This is the first time Alan has designed a garden at the world’s most famous horticultural event for almost 30 years, when he was awarded an RHS Gold Medal in 1985 for his Country Kitchen Garden.

The 2014 show will be as exciting as ever and plans are already gathering momentum! Here are just a few of the highlights at this stage:

Details of the show, fresh and artisan gardens have now been published - find out about the themes and styles of this year's gardens in the garden directory

In the Great Pavilion, new exhibitors include Drointon Nurseries, City of Cape Town, Creative Garden Design and PW Bamboo, whilst longstanding exhibitor Hilliers will be creating a stunning display on the Monument site at the heart of the Great Pavilion to mark their 150th anniversary

Other anniversary displays in the Great Pavilion include NAFAS’s display celebrating their Emerald anniversary (55 years) titled “A Green Thought in a Green Shade”, a one-off display by Perennial marking their 175 years of support for horticulturists and a stunning display by South West in Bloom highlighting “Fifty Golden Years of Bloom”

Birmingham City Council’s Great Pavilion display will remember those who were involved in the First World War. Hooksgreen Herbs are staging a herb garden inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit stories, and there will be an exciting fusion of garden design and floristry inspired by Royal Leamington Spa sponsored by BID Leamington Ltd in association with Creative Garden Design

Pattaya City & Nong Nooch Botanical Garden’s evocative and colourful display will celebrate “Thailand: Our Pride, Our Monarch & Our Cultural Heritage”, whilst Sallis Chandler are working with M&S and Finlays to create “Nature’s Helpers: Bees-Butterflies-Bugs”, highlighting ways in which cut flower producers can work in harmony with pollinators and beneficial insects

New for 2014, Discovery (in the Great Pavilion) replaces RHS Environment and showcases the best scientific and educational exhibits from the world of horticulture

Opening times
    May 20–24 2014: 8am–8pm
    May 24: 8am–5:30pm (sell off 4pm)

    Royal Hospital
    SW3 4SL

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