Recycled Garden Chippings Bring Blooming Success For Conifer Growers

Recycled Garden Chippings Bring Blooming Success For Conifer Growers
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RECYCLED tyres may be the last thing you would imagine putting on a prize winning garden but judges and crowds were in awe of the eye catching effects of a unique recycled garden product.

But the Association of British Conifer Growers grasped the opportunity to use Dunweedin’ landscaping chippings, which are made out of 100 per cent recycled tyres, for its garden at the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court.

Crowds were wowed at the effect of the environmentally friendly garden product with many visitors convinced it was slate until they felt the rubber mulch and fell in love with its environmentally friendly properties.

Not only is Dunweedin’ products practical, hard wearing, cost effective and environmentally friendly, they also help solve the problem of what to do with millions of used tyres.

Association of British Conifer Growers member Roger Griffin scooped the bronze award for Conifers by Design at the Hampton RHS Show, which had Dunweedin’ landscaping chippings as an alternative to lawn.

Roger said: “I wanted to have something a bit different included in my garden and Dunweedin’ was perfect for what I wanted to achieve.

“I was absolutely amazed by the interest from people in Dunweedin’. The fact that it’s so environmentally friendly brought a lot of interest but there are a lot of benefits including the citronella scent to deter cats and it’s light but doesn’t blow away.

“Dunweedin’ is a great alternative to grass and stone for landscaping. People who came to visit my garden thought it was slate and when they found out what it was and that it’s environmentally friendly they fell in love with it.”

Dunweedin’ chippings are available in four colours which are coloured with recycled paint.

Other benefits of Dunweedin’ include:
  • Resists compacting
  • Cost effective
  • All five colours are fade and stain resistant
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Retains safety effectiveness for years
  • Will not rot or blow away
  • Citrus scent deters cats and dogs
  • Dries quickly
  • Resists freezing

Picture caption: The Association of British Conifer Growers garden designed by Roger Griffin wowed crowds with its use of rubber garden mulch Dunweedin’ made from 100 per cent recycled tyres.

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