Potato Growing Kit Bag 40 Litre

Potato Growing Kit Bag 40 Litre
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Potato Growing Kit

Use our Potato Growing Kit to create a great spring gardening project.  Potatoes can be sown from mid March, and with no need for a garden and no digging required, anyone can enjoy the real taste of home grown potatoes.

The kit includes normally includes a choice of seed potatoes, however we have none left for this season, however these bags can also be used for growing other plants such as peppers.

All you will need to add is around 40 litres of good quality multi purpose compost, regular watering and some tender loving care. 

The growing bag is very easy to use and re-use, is made from wipe-clean coated polyethylene and has strong webbing handles.  It also has reinforced drainage holes built in to prevent water logging.  The bag measures 45cm high, 35cm diameter, and holds up to 5 seed potatoes.

Why not give everyone in the family or if you’re in a school everyone in the class, their own bag and then have a growing competition.
Or if you want to spread the harvest, why not buy our pack of three bags.  Plant one every 4 to 6 weeks and enjoy the taste of home grown potatoes through the summer months.

Special Offer: But 3 Potato Bags (without potatoes) for only £12.99  or get 3 Growing Kits for the price of two. See Options below.
We are also offering big discounts on larger orders - so if you are a school or have a large family, please use the Option below. For example, buy 10 kits and save almost £40.00.

Don't forget to select your variety of seed potatoes!
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