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Our hand-crafted metal planters, stainless steel planters, and fibreglass or GRP planters and pots are perfect for any garden or patio, and ideal for indoor use too. Choose from galvanised and acid-etched (weathered) finishes, or elegant stainless steel, or vibrant coloured fibreglass. Any of our traditional or modern ranges of planters will provide a stylish way to display your houseplants, flowers, shrubs and trees.
With the huge range of materials, colours, styles and finishes available, it’s possible to locate exactly the right planters for your garden and home. However, there are some factors you might consider before making your final choice, as they have a bearing on how well your new plants fare.

Drainage holes are advisable for garden planters, but aren’t necessarily desirable for indoor planters. However, you would need to take extra care when watering your houseplants to avoid waterlogging. It can be helpful to keep a tray under your garden planters in very dry conditions, to provide the roots with extra moisture in between watering.

Climate and aspect are also important factors in your choice of garden planters. If the planter will be exposed to large amounts of sunlight, it is preferable to choose a material such as fibreglass rather than metal or terracotta. Fibreglass is non-porous, so it tends to retain moisture better, and stays cooler in the heat. Terracotta dries out very quickly, and metal planters can become extremely hot in intense sunlight. If you intend to leave your planters outside throughout winter, you may find that your terracotta planters aren’t frost-resistant and chip or break. Some people find this adds their charm, but it may not be to your taste.

Are you likely to want to move your planters around? If so, it’s best to avoid the heavier metal planters and opt for light-weight fibreglass, terracotta or plastic. However, if you want an impressive planter with specimen tree in your garden or outside your front door, then metal planters would be ideal for that purpose.

What size will your plant eventually grow to? It can be tedious having to repot fast-growing shrubs, so it’s advisable to start off with a large enough planter from the outset.

Aesthetics and garden beauty. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a garden beautiful, and in the end it often comes down to individual taste. But there are lots ways to help achieve the sort of results you want from your garden planters.
- To give an area the appearance of harmony and continuity, plant the same or softly complimentary colours in your planters and group them together. However, if you want to emphasise the individuality of each of your planters, use different plant species and colours in different planters to achieve that result.
- Be selective about the positioning of your garden planters to avoid making the effect too busy and hectic.
- Planters are ideal for adding a vibrant touch to an otherwise dull or unsightly area. You can plant evergreen shrubs to provide permanent cover, or use annuals to ring the changes with each season.

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