Oxford Sculptors Group

The Oxford Sculptors Group consists of over 60 established sculptors based in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. The Group is affiliated to The Surrey Sculpture Society, a renowned organisation of over 300 sculptors across the whole South of England.

Our primary objective is to provide our members with opportunities to show their work to a wider public by participating in larger group exhibitions

The range of sculpture created by our artists covers the whole spectrum of materials and styles. We have wood carvers, stone carvers, ceramicists, and artists working in metal. Styles are very diverse from figurative through to abstract. Both indoor and outdoor sculptures are created from a wide range of materials including fired terracotta, steel, aluminium, foundry bronze, stone, cement, bronze resin and marble resin.

The group has exhibited at a wide range of venues throughout Oxfordshire and beyond. See our forthcoming Exhibition Programme on the Events page.

Indoor and Outdoor Sculptures

Oxford Sculptors Group
Unit 6 Hylton Court
Hylton Street
B18   6HJ

Contact us:
Mike Bigland
07812023896 (Mobile)

Member Artists
Alastair Hunter
Andrew Sinclair
Andy Hopkins
Barry Chamberlain
Bill Brown
Brian Hennah
Briony Lawson
Carlos Dare
Carol Bryant
Carol Donaldson
Chris Rothero
Christine Burgess
Christopher Townsend
Daren Greenhow
Dawn Benson
Derek Thomlinson
Don Foxley
Elizabeth Studdert
Guadalupe Charlone
Henrietta Bud
Ian Wells
Jackie Stevens
Jennifer Lowe
Jennifer Newman
John Penrose
John Sharpe
Johnathan Roberts
Joyce Playle
Kay Singla
Kim Francis
Lendon Scantlebury
Lina Carr
Linda Baillie
Liz Ferris
Lorraine Benton
Malcolm West
Marie Boyle
Marie Shepherd
Mark Humphrey
Michaela Bayley
Michele Greene
Mike Bigland
Nick Collins
Pam Foley
Pat Elmore
Peter Jones
Ray Castell
Richard Fox
Roger Smalley
Roland Lawar
Rosamund de Tracy Kelly
Sabina Strich
Simon Clements
Stephen Sommerville
Steve Woodbridge
Sue Bains
Sue Windley
Vital Peeters
Wendy Dale

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