Orchid Council, British

Orchid Council, British
Address: Mr John Spires - Hon. Secretary
30 Idonia Road
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Telephone: 01902 759640
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The British Orchid Council - BOC - is the UK orchid world's umbrella organisation, bringing together amateur and commercial growers and the scientific community in a single forum.
Membership currently comprises forty national, regional and specialist Orchid Societies, the British Orchid Growers' Association (BOGA, the UK orchid trade organisation), national Botanic Gardens maintaining significant orchid collections at Kew and Glasgow, the Eric Young Orchid Foundation, and the Royal Horticultural Society.

BOC is a registered charity whose main objectives may be summarised as promoting and broadening the knowledge of orchids, and encouraging excellence in their culture.  Its rôle is one of co-ordinating rather than governing the activities of its member organisations.

Council sponsors British Orchid Congresses around the country every 1 to 2 years, maintains a training programme of international standard for Show Judges, represents its members on both European and International bodies, and has a strong commitment to conservation.

Registered Charity No 1080540 

The Orchid Cancer Appeal 
The Appeal, based at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London, is dedicated to funding research into the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of testicular, prostate and penile cancer.
Why is the Appeal so-called?  A little medico-botanical etymology will help . . .
The ancient Greek word for a male gonad, or testicle, is  - orchis.  The resemblance to testicles of the tubers of several native Greek terrestrial orchids gave rise not only to the scientific name Orchis for one genus of those orchids, but also to the name Orchidaceae for the entire orchid family - all its 25,000-odd members.  To complete the circle, the medical term for surgical removal of the testicle, one option in the treatment of testicular cancer, is orchidectomy.
Please support the Appeal - click on the title above to visit their web site
The Orchid Cancer Appeal and the British Orchid Council are two totally separate and independent organisations, not connected to each other in any way.  The only common feature is the use of the word "orchid" in their names.

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