New Carbon Offset Non-Profit Organisation to Launch with David Domoney at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

New Carbon Offset Non-Profit Organisation to Launch with David Domoney at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
Offset Someplace Else, a new non profit organisation that helps reduce carbon emissions through environmentally friendly projects in developing countries, will launch at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 

New carbon off-setting non-profit organisation, Offset Someplace Else, has teamed up with garden designer David Domoney, resident gardener of ITV’s This Morning, to sponsor what promises to be the must-see attraction of the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (3 – 8 July) – Catwalk in Bloom – as part of its UK launch.

The RHS Flower Show event will see models and gardeners take to the catwalk in two different shows to highlight the creativity and inspiration of horticulture – ‘The Plant Fashion Show’ will focus on the hottest new plants and flowers for the garden; while ‘Fashion with a Twist’ showcases the best couture and off-the-peg designs, all with a horticultural twist.  The Shows will be performed daily, on the hour, from 11am.

The show marks the launch of Offset Someplace Else, a new non-profit organisation that helps consumers calculate and off-set their carbon footprint through carbon-friendly development projects in Third World and developing countries.  All funds raised directly benefit emerging communities, while also helping combat climate change.

The Offset Someplace Else website* will feature a carbon footprint calculator to allow consumers to understand the impact they are having on the planet.  A few short questions ask about lifestyle, before calculating how much needs to be contributed to offset the carbon footprint.  An average person’s offset charge is between £4 - £20 per month.

The average Briton produces 10 tonnes of carbon per year through their daily lives – home heating, driving, washing and even cutting the grass all add to the environmental damage. Offset Someplace Else is designed to help offset these carbon emissions through eco-friendly projects in countries such as Belize and Macedonia.

Ben Mason, director of Offset Someplace Else, said: “Most carbon off-setting companies will plant a tree for you, but what we’re launching is an off-setting solution that can really make a difference, not just to the environment, but also to the lives of local communities in countries that really need our help and support.

“The Catwalk in Bloom show is designed to highlight the natural beauty of our planet and why it needs us to protect it.  It is in everyone’s interest to start offsetting their carbon footprint, but if we can encourage people to do it in a way that benefits developing countries it can only be a good thing.”

Projects currently underway include the installation of solar and hydropower systems, and an environmentally friendly waste water sewerage system in the village of Seine Bight in Southern Belize.  These projects are designed to enhance the living conditions and lives of the local community, improving sanitary conditions and ultimately health, while giving them an environmentally sound and self-sufficient infrastructure. 

Dr Paul Williams, who holds a prestigious research fellowship in climate science at Reading University, commented: “Offset Someplace Else is bringing some much needed fresh thinking to the issue of off-setting our carbon footprint.  By using the funds generated, this non-profit organisation is investing in projects that make a difference not just to the environment, but also to the lives of real people in these developing communities.  It’s a win-win situation that both individuals and businesses need to recognise and act on.”

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