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Mandy Mackenzie Landscape and Garden Design
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"An English man's home is his castle and his garden, his estate. Be it large or small it should be a place in which to relax and contemplate, to play, to entertain and most of all to provide an extension of available living space and an expression of personal style."
About Us
Having been personally involved in developing and restoring properties for the last 15 years, I am very aware that it is important to design and create gardens that are sympathetic to individual properties, and whether traditional or contemporary should reflect its character and style .

Since taking a 3 year course at Sparsholt College, Hampshire and obtaining a foundation degree in garden design, I have set up and been running my own professional design practice for the last 5 years.

My portfolio of work contains designs in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire and West Sussex. These include City courtyards, country cottages in Hampshire, Georgian farm houses in Wiltshire, a converted chapel in West Sussex and suburban family gardens in Wlitshire and Surrey of varying shapes and sizes.
I frequently collaborate on work with a colleague Annie Ferry, who, as an expert in horticulture and over 20 years' experience working in both public and private gardens brings much to the team. Her specialist knowledge of renovation and pruning of Wisteria, rambling roses and fruit trees is invaluable, if these are features to be kept, as well as her depth of knowledge on woodland and meadow plantings.
I also work with excellent landscape contractors who build my designs.

The aim of a design is always to provide a space in which the occupant gains maximum benefit and style from the space available, whether that be to entertain clients or friends, for children to play, to cultivate a plant passion, or to create a low maintenance space in which to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Giving some thought at the start of a design project, whether it be a small area of the garden that needs some attention or a total redesign, will ensure that the external space you have reflects your style, sets off, and adds value and is in keeping with the property to which it belongs.

The benefits of using a garden designer are many. As your designer, I can help to ensure that the garden space has its potential maximised, that your hopes and ideas can be conceived into a comprehensive and workable plan and that we achieve the style you want within budget

Design Process:


The initial Meeting
This is an opportunity to meet and discuss your wishes for the garden, a chance to view the site and for you to view my portfolio of work.   It is at this point we can talk through how you wish to use your garden, which elements, if any, you wish to retain and what style you desire for your outdoor space.  If you are unsure about what you want, again this is a great time to discuss possibilities for the garden and potential ideas. It is helpful for this meeting, if you have a small collection of magazine clippings and other images of gardens that you like.  It is a good discussion point and gives me an insight into your personal style and aspirations for the garden.  At this time, should you wish to proceed, a full and detailed brief will be taken.

The Client Brief
The brief I take from you at the initial meeting will detail all the features/areas that need to be included in the garden design; such as seating areas, places for children to play, a possible vegetable garden, a water feature, and other elements you hope to incorporate into the available space.  I will also include the details of materials discussed at the initial meeting and whether you are hoping to have a contemporary, traditional, formal or other stylized space.
The Quotation
When I have had an opportunity to digest the information gathered at the meeting and assessed fully what is required from the brief, I will send you a quote for the design work to be undertaken.  The quote is accompanied by a document that confirms my understanding of your brief and exactly what you want me to do for you.  If you are in agreement and I have received confirmation in writing, the project moves to the next stage.

The Survey
A complete site survey and site analysis will be undertaken. This would measure out such things as boundary lines, relevant features, overhead cables, level changes, and the orientation of the site and soil type.  This plan of the existing site provides the footprint from which the new design will be worked.
Sketch Concept Designs.
Two or three different concept designs will be drawn up incorporating information from the meetings, the brief and the site survey and analysis.  I will also put together some images and artist impressions to help you visualize my ideas and bring samples of proposed materials.   The concept plans are an opportunity to look at the possibilities within the garden and are a great tool for discussion.  At this point, it is important to make clear likes and dislikes within the ideas and offer input into the design process.  After all, it is a collaboration to achieve a garden that you can enjoy for many years.  Once we have reached a final decision and you are completely happy with the design ideas we can move on to the next stage.
The Master Plan
The master plan is a final working drawing that is coloured and annotated, showing the exact layout of the new garden. If the design requires it, specific construction drawings will be produced for the contractor to build from. This could be for a bespoke pergola, step detailing water features/ponds, lighting layout or a particular hard landscape detail.
Planting Plans and Soft Landscaping
This is a plan drawing showing setting out of all plants specified for the planted areas of the garden. It shows species, cultivar names and spacings.  When all the construction work is finished in the garden, the plants can be sourced and planted out.  I am able to source and supply high quality plants from a network of nurseries.
Construction of the Garden
I am happy to recommend contractors to build your garden and to help with the tendering process.  Through the whole process of the design, I am on hand to advise and am happy to liaise with contractors on site on your behalf if you wish.
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