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Justin Gordon has been a sculptor since 1974. He sculpts in eight medium; wood, wax, snow, sand, clay for the ceramics industry, stone, ice, and foam.  Justin’s wood sculptures range from large tree sculptures carved from an aerial lift to fine quality table top sculptures (-- link to items for sale here)and custom carved clocks (--link to clocks here). These fine wood works are where Justin specializes. He captures the classically carved figure with grace and fine details and also uses the wood grain to add to the outcome of many carvings. Fine carvings of figures and clocks that are made from a specific wood with a natural finish are among Justin’s favorite sculptures to produce. Recent endeavors are in exotic woods using the natural grains and colors to enhance the finished figures. This is where Justin’s knowledge of wood and carving merge. His over thirty four years of sculpting experience have given him an eye for a pleasing form and a keen knowledge of wood, grain, and color. Together, the combination of design and materials makes for attractive pieces of reshaped natural beauty.

Justin also has a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering which assists him with the design and fabrication of Architectural Carvings (--link to Architectural page here. A picture would also be nice). Justin’s design abilities enhance the aesthetic and architectural aspects of a project. His mechanical ingenuity also benefits the necessary requirement of making sure the architectural artwork installs easily and correctly.

As seen in Elwin Design’s Gallery of artworks, Justin captures the cute, the comical, and the original poise in a subject. He believes it's an extension of a sense of humor and the serious nature of his self and purpose, depending on the figure. These character traits are shared by many and often blossom in conversations with clients while brainstorming ideas for sculptures. The notion that "anything can be made, just pick one" from the lifelike to the imaginary opens a mysterious door that exposes you to all that you've seen and liked and all that you'd like to see. Just like God has given each of us special talents and abilities for a greater purpose beyond ourselves, we just have to draw from what we know, and apply it to what we want.

Justin’s fiancé’, Kristie J. Haupt, has more talent in her little finger than Justin has in his whole body. She develops designs, layouts, and also does sculpting of many of their creations. She also is an amazing illustrator and painter of portraits and abstracts. This merge has led them to the fine clock case making business. Together they design and create incredible custom carved clocks. Kristie has some of her own artworks on their site. (link to Kristie’s page here) She personally does great illustrations, graphics, logo and label design, and is very good at sand and wood sculpting.

Garden Sand Sculptures are the next endeavor of Elwin Designs. This takes Justin and Kristie’s design and sculpting talents and puts them into your garden. Sand sculptures surrounded with the foliage, color and greenery of a blooming garden are a beautiful combination. The semi permanent aspect of sand sculptures also allows for the sculptures to be transformed or recycled each season or each year.

Currently, Justin teaches two carving classes, one in Groveland and another in Randolph, Mass. to the South Shore Wood Carvers. He instructs with any type of carving the students wish from the abstract to lifelike and relief to in the round.

Contact Justin at for sales info, pricing, or special commissions. We're located in Groveland, Mass., 01834. All sales, shipping and handling charges will be determined from this location.

Justin and Kristie are accomplished artists and sculptors and have achieved much recognition in several different sculpting medium. Their talent, imagination, and unlimited ideas allow them to take on many projects of different size and magnitude. Their ideas and accomplishments can turn the sculpture you desire into a completed work in a short period of time. If you are considering sculpted work and would like to discuss the scope and budget of your project, contact Justin and Kristie via email at


Kristie also resides in Groveland and can be reached at to discuss portraits, illustrations, logo, or label designs, and many other graphic needs from calendars to tee shirts.


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