Margaret Williams Wood Sculptor And Artist
Margaret Williams Wood Sculptor And Artist
Address: Margaret Williams
Wood Sculptor and Artist
36 Station Road,
Postcode: PE15 0HE
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Margaret Williams Wood Sculptor and Artist

Margaret Williams is based in Fenland.

She began drawing, painting and clay-modelling at a very early age and since 1996 has been sculpting in wood.  

Her more serious sculptures often attempt to ask questions which involve the observer's emotions.

The aim is to produce a piece which is pleasing to the eye but which requires more than superficial regard.  Humanoid figures may be distorted into impossible space or blend to become something else.  

Margaret does however also have a lighter side and enjoys producing quirky funny carvings and other artwork, usually of animals - including humans!  Some sculptures are larger and for outside display, but the majority are for indoors and under 500mm high.

Many works are designed to be seen 'in the round' and from different angles, often hiding a shock, surprise or laugh as they are turned.  The owner of one of Margaret’s sculptures often has a piece which, when turned, provides a very different image from the previous view.

Various timbers are used, including lime (the traditional carving wood), other European woods and sustainable exotics from Africa, Asia and Australasia.  Metal, stone, glass, mirrors and plastics are also included in some sculptures.

Examples of sculptures:
margaret_williamsalien_form_1_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsalien_form_2_low_res.jpeg

           Alien Form - Yew on Laburnum  280mm tall

margaret_williamsdance_1_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsdance_2_low_res.jpeg

          Dance – Lime on oak  370mm high

margaret_williamsthe_skateboarder_1_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsthe_skateboarder_2_low_res.jpeg
       The Skateboarder – Lime on mahogany  260mm high

 margaret_williamsdeception_1_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsdeception_2_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsdeception_3_low_res.jpeg  margaret_williamsdeception_5_low_res.jpeg
   Deception – soapstone, walnut, mixed media  450mm high

margaret_williamsdid_you_see_that_1_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsdid_you_see_that_2_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsdid_you_see_that_3_low_res.jpeg      
Did you SEE that ! -  oak, lime, brass rod  190mm high

margaret_williamsbeech_cat_1_low_res_low_res.jpeg margaret_williamsbeech_cat_2_low_res.jpeg
Cat – beech  750mm high outdoor sculpture


If you would like further information or to discuss commissions, please visit my website or contact me. telephone 01354 688178   mob. 07811323694
email :

Margaret Williams
Wood Sculptor and Artist
36 Station Road,
PE15 0HE

Telephone 01354 688178  Mobile 07811323694