Sue Allanson Sculptor
Sue Allanson Sculptor
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I live in Derbyshire and have been working as a sculptor for the last 20 years. I am passionate about carving in stone and usually take my inspiration from the stone itself. That is why I often start by picking random pieces of stone in the quarry which may suggest a form to me. I may have an initial idea, but my way of carving directly onto the stone means that I can respond to the stone itself in the process. In this way I feel that stone carving for me is a dialogue between the stone and myself.



My work is influenced by the idea held by some African and Indian artists that they find the spirit within the stone. I am inspired by nature, mythology, Buddhist thought and I have a desire to express a deeper sense of consciousness through my sculptures.

I feel as though I wanted to carve in stone all my life but was not brave enough to start until I went on a course at Wakefield Sculpture Park about 20 years ago now. I had worked in clay and wood but once I worked in stone there was no turning back! It became my passion.

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I undertake commissions for special occasions or events such as birthdays, anniversaries and civil partnerships. You can choose the type of stone you would like it in, size, theme and also your price range. I would guide you as to which was the most suitable stone for out-door or an indoor sculpture. There would also be an option to pay by instalments on completion of the sculpture.

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