Pest Control The Aphid Eliminator Garden Trigger Spray
Pest Control The Aphid Eliminator Garden Trigger Spray
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Garden Trigger Spray that doubles up as an Aphid Eliminator. i.e. it removes Aphids and unwanted Insects from Green House and Garden plants using just water.

It has two Modes:

Mode 1)…. Use as a Traditional fully variable Trigger Spray.

Mode 2)…..Uses a small jet of water to remove Aphids and Insects.

The success of this Trigger Spray comes from the fact that it kills White Fly and Green Fly and also removes their eggs -- something that chemical sprays leave behind, this breaks the breeding cycle, hence the name Aphid Eliminator.

Benefits to the gardener include:

1)    Fruit and Flowers can be picked immediately after treatment.
2)    Harmless to Bees and Lady Birds.
3)    Easily attached to garden hose.
4)    The Aphid Eliminator is robust, maintenance free and designed to last for years. I can have the product made and supplied to you or you can take over this activity, I am very open about what business model we adopt. I am looking for a return on this patented product in terms of royalties.  My initial research shows that the product would be popular –National Trust gardeners have been impressed but cannot endorse products. The product is robust and is of a high quality – it is largely brass and not plastic.