Spade Pointed Sneerboer
Spade Pointed Sneerboer
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The Sneeboer Pointed Spade is extremely effective at boring into difficult ground and also very useful as a precision instrument in crowded borders as with all the Sneeboer full size tools it is manufactured with a longer handle to help reduce back pain

• With Solid ash handle.
• Overall length 110cm
• Stainless Steel Blade width 18cm (at widest)

"This Sneeboer pointed spade is great for lifting pockets of turf to naturalise spring-flowering bulbs. The sharp point makes light work of heavy clay soils, plus it's built to last with a solid ash handle. Available by mail order from Harrod Horticultural..."

Editor's Choice, Gloucestershire Preview, Autumn 2008
"...It was thought this would be a good spade for edging or separating clumps - Tester's comments:
• "Tread held the soil.
• "Very lightweight and good for small areas".
• "A good point on the spade and very effective through turf and around plants."
• "This is a specialised, dedicated tool which I would buy and recommend to others especially smaller, weaker gardeners."
• "Most Popular Spades... Sneeboer's pointed spade was felt to be an ideal specialist spade rather than a general digging tool, being particularly good for creating holes, planting and edging".

'Dig Out the Best Tool'. What Tool? Kitchen Garden magazine