Spade Large Sneerboer
Spade Large Sneerboer
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The Sneeboer Large Spade brings pedigree and reputation to the garden in equal amounts - and whether you're turning over an allotment, vegetable patch or decorative border, this spade really delivers. Forged by hand to a design created to suit the Dutch market gardeners of West Friesland almost a hundred years ago, the spade comes with a solid ash handle and at the business end, a stainless steel blade complete with boot protectors for slicing through feisty soil.

• Hand forged in the finest stainless steel
• Individually shaped, polished and sharpened by hand
• Fitted with a fine quality ash handle
• Provides sharpness, balance and comfort
• Overall length 116cm
• Blade length 28cm - width 17cm
• Made with boot protectors to help generate greater downforce

As seen on BBC Gardeners World 2009.
"I can't do without my long-handled spade,” says Matthew Wilson

Guide Price £69.95

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