Weedblock Biodegradable Mulch
Weedblock Biodegradable Mulch
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Use this eco-friendly weed control mulch alternative in annual flowerbeds and the vegetable garden. Using a unique 100% chemical-free manufacturing process, it is made from recycled paper to create a tough, durable organic paper mulch cover that will conserve soil moisture, let air in and provide seasonal weed control and will biodegrade in the soil at the end of the season.

• A completely organic solution for weed, temperature and moisture control in seasonal flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.
• WeedBlock Biodegradable Mulch is manufactured with a 100% chemical-free process
• Produces a strong fibre construction to grab and conserve water.
• Made from recycled paper it can be tilled right back into the soil at the end of the season –no disposal issues – and no environmental harm! OMRI Listed
• Available in 91cm x 7.5m rolls Extra Value Offer - buy 2 91cm x 7.5m rolls and save £2