Insect Mesh Protection Netting
Insect Mesh Protection Netting
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Insect Mesh Protection Netting is a fine mesh, heavy-duty, UV stabilised, long-lasting netting that effectively keeps out minute but common garden pests such as carrot fly, cabbage root fly along with butterflies and birds - and as it's made from 100% polyethylene, it's light enough to be laid directly over crops or form a very effective barrier when placed over crop protection hoops.

The Insect Mesh Protection Netting - with it's pest-busting 1.35mm square mesh - is available in 2, 2.5 and 3 metre widths and every gardener who values their vegetables should have some!

Save with our EXTRA VALUE Packs in sizes of 5, 10 and 50m
• Insect Mesh Protection Netting provides 20% shade
• The mesh size is 1.35mm sq on every available width
• Supplied by the linear metre in either 2m wide, 2.5m extra wide or 3.0m ultra wide
• All widths also available in 5, 10 and 50m Packs
• 2.5m wide version ideal for use with our medium sized crop protection hoops
• Lightweight enough to be placed directly on crops
• Permeable enough to allow a flow of water to pass through freely
• Ideal for creating a physical barrier to combat Carrot Root Fly
• If buying by the metre, please enter total length required into quantity box below
• Samples of all netting are available on request

(savings shown on the equivalent length purchased at the linear metre price)
• 2m x 5m (GNE-036) = £12 - save £2
• 2m x 10m (GNE-037) = £23 - save £5
• 2m x 50m (GDN-017) = £110 - save £30
• 2.5m x 5m (GNE-038) = £15 - save £2
• 2.5m x 10m (GNE-039) = £29 - save £5
• 2.5m x 50m (GDN-425) = £135 - save £35
• 3m x 5m (GNE-040) = £17.25 - save £2
• 3m x 10m (GNE-041) = £33.50 - save £5
• 3m x 50m (GDN-044) = £157.50 - save £35