Eco-Green Aerated Polythene
Eco-Green Aerated Polythene
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You’ll be amazed at the difference when using this unique Eco-Green Aerated Polythene to ripen melons, strawberries, chillies, peppers, and tomatoes grown outside. It can be kept over crops throughout the season because of the perforations that allow moisture and air to circulate freely around the plants and the 20mm holes allow pollinating insects to move inside unhindered. Check out the additional information at the bottom of this page to discover even more ways this remarkable material can protect and ripen your crops!
Save £2 when purchasing a 20m roll with our Extra Value offer

• Measures 10m long and 1.8m wide
• Easy to cut to required size
• Allows 87% light penetration under average UK daytime sunlight conditions
• Securely stake with our steel ground pegs (not provided)
• 20mm air holes
• Pale green colour material blends into the garden background
• Save £2 when purchasing a 20m roll with our extra value deal

From just £14.95