Rolawn Lawn Top Dressing
Rolawn Lawn Top Dressing
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Rolawn Lawn Top Dressing (approx 0.73m³ when packed)

Rolawn Lawn Topdressing is a high quality, sand based, multi-purpose lawn dressing, designed for use on Rolawn lawns. It can also be used to improve any utility lawn. Applying Rolawn Lawn Topdressing will help to enhance a lawn's appearance. It will help stimulate new grass growth, create a level surface, improve drainage and control the build up of thatch.

Top dressing can be applied anytime, when the grass is actively growing.

Exceptional value - a bulk bag contains approximately 730 litres when packed.

Product Information
Mix of 85% sand and 15% silt/clay approximately

Friable - easy to apply and incorporate into a lawn.

Improves existing soil.

Peat free - environmentally friendly.

Fertile - promotes denser sward

Incorporates silt & clay to assist nutrient and moisture retention.

Available in convenient 0.73m³ (730 litres) hooded tote bag to minimise moisture penetration.

Spring & Autumn - up to 3 litres per m² (approx 4kg/m²).

Summer - up to 1.5 litres per m² (approx 2kg/m²).

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