Rolawn Soil Improver
Rolawn Soil Improver
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Rolawn Soil Improver (approx 1m³ when packed)

Rolawn Soil Improver is a natural, peat free soil conditioner/improver produced using a patented process combining shredded straw compost with iron minerals. It is highly fertile and will improve soil structure, which will enhance the soil's drainage characteristics and air and water holding capabilities, resulting in healthy plant growth.

Exceptional value - 1 bulk bag contains approximately 1000 litres when packed!

Product Information

Apply anytime, but care must be taken to avoid digging/forking wet soil, as it may damage the soil structure.

In planted areas apply as a mulch to avoid disturbing plant roots.
Peat free.

Minimal stone content.

Typical application rates for topsoils with low levels of organic matter:

Heavy clay soil - a layer, 75mm deep, should be incorporated
to a depth of 200mm,

Light sandy soil - a layer, 30mm deep, should be incorporated
to a depth of 200mm,

Mulching - 50mm layer.

Each bag covers:
up to 14m² at a depth of 75mm (3"),
up to 20m² at a depth of 50mm (2"),
up to 33m² at a depth of 30mm (1.2").

Convenient bulk bags minimise waste and mess and easy to store.

Weight to volume ratio (bulk density) is typically around 550kg per 1m³ bag.