Lean-to 4' x 2' Greenhouse
Lean-to 4' x 2' Greenhouse
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The perfect solution to those wanting to grow their own plants but are limited for space. Perfect for use in apartments or small garden patios.

The 4' x 2' lean-to greenhouse is made of shatter-resistant 100% protected crystal clear polycarbonate panels that have the strength to withstand high impact - avoiding glass being broken

Top window opens acting as an air vent allowing air to circulate, preventing disease, mould and bacteria from thriving ensuring plants grow strong and healthy

This greenhouse comes with a tough coated galvanised coated steel base to ensure a long life and prevent rusting

Sturdy, rust resistant aluminium frame; vent, gutter, galvanised steel base and sliding door also included.
    * 129cm, 50¾" Width
    * 165cm, 65" Height (from base to eaves)
    * 71cm, 28" Depth