Maris Fire Pit
Maris Fire Pit
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If you fancy a fire pit but worry about children falling in it, or even yourself when you've had a glass and a half, then look no further.

The Maris fire pit will let you enjoy the atmosphere of a bonfire without the mess whilst its secure gauze fire protector top means you can't trip and brand yourself for life.

The Maris fire pit comes with a spark guard, a safety ring and a detachable hinged grill. The spark guard allows large fires - even on wooden decks - and stops sparks flying all over the place.

The fire pit's hinged grill, which can be removed if required, is slit for easy access to the fire during barbecuing and the safety ring around the perimeter is there to deter and protect inquisitive children and animals from getting too close to the fire pit.

There is also a ventilation slot at the bottom of the Firepit. Not only does this provide air to keep the flame, but it acts as a 'waste disposal unit' as all of the ash and fat falls into the tray at the bottom. This stops the fire pit from causing any damage to decks and patios.

Size of fire pit: 69 cm dia x 61cm H

Weight of fire pit: 10kg